The Prize

Film Score Monthly (0638558014523)
Film | Rok: 2002 | Uwolnienie filmu: 1963 | Format: CD, Pobieranie
Edycja limitowana: 3000 kopie

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# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
2.Main Title1:55
3.Special Delivery/Bottle Party0:44
4.Man in Shadow/Stratman's Abduction1:23
5.The Night People/The New Doctor2:58
6.The Whole Truth/Too Many Women2:24
7.The Phone Call/Cab Fare2:28
8.Man Hunt3:34
9.Silent Treatment/No Friends1:17
10.Craig's Proposition2:30
11.Inger's Theme2:29
12.Inger's Theme1:55
13.Hot Light1:49
14.The Escape Act2:07
15.Return from Bare2:14
16.Rejected Suitor/Free Ride1:58
17.The Wrong Blonde1:30
18.The Facts/Stake Out/Boarding Party4:12
19.A Hole in the Head1:05
20.Three Lost People/Escape From the Dock/The Getaway2:20
21.Shock Treatment1:19
22.The Blade/The Last Act/Daranyi's Exit2:50
23.End Title0:57
Source Music
24.Juke Box Andre Previn2:54
25.Just You, Just Me R. Klages & J. Greer2:00
26.How About You B. Lane & R. Freed2:05
27.On Green Dolphin Street B. Kaper & N. Washington2:03
28.Winter Garden Harold Gelman2:24
29.The Villa Harold Gelman1:00
30.Fashion Show Andre Previn2:50
31.Breakfast, Part 2 Andre Previn2:39
32.King's Song/Prize Fanfare/Nobel March H. Gelman/G. F. Handel1:15
LP Tracks
33.Theme From The Prize2:10
35.The Night People1:58
36.The Courier1:32
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