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25th Anniversary Expanded Edition

La-La Land Records 03/12/2019 CD - 3000 kopie (0826924151129)
Film Uwolnienie filmu: 1994

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# Tor   Czas
Score Presentation
1.Stargate Overture3:03
3.Giza, 19282:12
4.Unstable (Film Version)2:44
5.The Coverstones1:00
6.Translation / In Case You Succeed0:52
7.Orion (Film Version)1:30
8.The Stargate Opens3:58
9.Send In The Probe2:08
10.You're On The Team1:57
11.Entering The Stargate (Film Version)3:00
12.The Other Side1:46
13.Bomb Assembly1:09
14.Mastadge Drag0:57
15.The Mining Pit1:34
16.King Of The Slaves (Film Version)1:21
17.Caravan To Nagada2:14
18.The Eye Of Ra0:41
19.Daniel And Sha'uri1:55
20.Spread Out1:52
21.Skaara And Gun0:44
22.Symbol Discovery1:13
23.Sarcophagus Opens (With Choir)0:58
24.Daniel's Mastadge (Film Version)0:50
25.Leaving Nagada (Film Version)4:13
26.Ra–The Sun God (Film Version)3:22
27.The Destruction Of Nagada2:09
# Tor   Czas
Score Presentation (Continued)
1.Myth, Faith, Belief2:22
3.Slave Rebellion1:02
4.We Don't Want To Die2:00
6.The Kiss0:38
7.The Seventh Symbol (Extended Version)1:19
8.Against The Gods0:35
9.Quartz Shipment1:31
10.Battle At The Pyramid (Film Version)5:27
11.The Surrender1:45
12.Transporter Horror1:49
13.Kasuf Returns3:07
14.Going Home3:10
15.End Credits1:13
Additional Music
18.The Stargate Opens (Alternate Excerpt)1:16
19.Entering The Stargate2:58
20.King Of The Slaves1:17
21.The Eye Of Ra (With Choir))0:41
22.Sarcophagus Opens0:57
23.Daniel's Mastadge0:50
24.Leaving Nagada4:11
25.Ra–The Sun God3:24
26.Ra–The Sun God (Film Version Excerpt, No Choir)2:16
27.The Seventh Symbol0:58
28.Battle At The Pyramid5:03
29.End Credits (Alternate Take)1:15
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