Helen Of Troy - Job Man

BSX Records 07/09/2019 CD - 1000 kopie

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# Tor   Czas
Helen Of Troy - 2003
1.Main Title2:04
2.Troy Will Burn1:30
4.Enter Sparta1:28
5.Soldiers Attack Paris1:36
6.First Look At Troy1:47
7.Paris Fights On2:02
8.Brotherly Knife Fight2:08
9.Helen On Display1:53
10.Helen Tries Suicide2:04
11.Paris Escapes With Helen2:36
12.Through The Storm1:14
13.Agamemnon's Sacrifice3:05
14.The Greek Fleet Arrives3:58
15.Agamemnon Wades Ashore1:24
16.The Battle Begins4:46
17.The Battle Continues3:05
18.Agamemnon Wants Peace1:48
19.Hector And Achilles Fight5:12
20.Agamemnon Kills Paris3:59
21.Trojan Horse0:48
22.The Horse Is Brought Inside2:33
23.Greek Sneak Attack3:21
24.Agamemnon Kills Priam2:28
25.The Rape Of Helen1:29
26.Clytemnestra Arrives In Troy1:14
27.Clytemnestra's Fury1:02
28.Helen's Vision Of Paris1:57
29.End Credits2:03
# Tor   Czas
Job Man - 1990
1.Main Title3:05
2.The Birth of Jobman1:48
3.Beaten and Stripped / Run!1:51
4.Jobman’s Long Walk Home3:29
5.Don’t Do Anything Stupid0:46
6.Memories of Father1:31
7.The Church1:31
8.Get Off The Farm Jobman!1:17
9.The Fireplace / Rifles4:47
10.He is At the Church / He’s Got a Gun!2:13
11.What Happened Carl? / Back to the Farm1:22
12.The Burial / Jobman on the Run1:49
14.You’re Not / Children Anymore!1:14
15.The Posse / Carl’s Choice4:13
16.Leave Jobman to Me! / The Last Meal2:14
17.Jobman’s Fate6:07
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