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Soul Reverse

SEGA 10/01/2019 Pobieranie

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# Tor   Czas
1.Calling Nirvalmina side0:17
2.Chant -Integration-3:55
3.Fading cradle2:30
4.Slightly warm, but not long2:11
6.Passage without glory2:29
7.Eternal omen2:16
8.Advance to contact3:19
9.Fatalities march3:31
10.Run and sword3:11
11.Reverse the soul2:16
12.Ruins -Calmed plain-3:27
13.Ruins -At ebb tide-3:26
14.Ruins -Turbulent flux-3:41
17.King's vanguard (Arthur)1:26
18.Altered truth (Morgan)2:13
19.Neither regret, nor tear (Lancelot)2:06
20.Down the carnage! (Gawain)2:18
21.Ancient sophia (Merlin)2:01
22.Rain poured rain (Vivian)2:28
23.Like ice I'm burning (Mordred)2:00
24.Surrender to mistress (Morgause)1:57
25.When the sinister is opened (Balor)2:09
26.Roar, in anger (Crom Cruach)2:12
27.Go stab! (Scathach)2:45
28.Flowers to swords (Titania)2:22
29.Meow it's time to hunt! (Cait Sith)2:25
30.Calling Golskidek side0:13
31.Chant -Fragmentation-4:43
32.Critical moment3:35
34.Negative agreement2:28
35.Crossroads -Roman discord-3:40
36.Crossroads -Great fire-3:16
37.Crossroads -Caesar's castling-3:02
38.Alfrouge -Snowfall-3:17
39.Alfrouge -Bloodshed-3:12
40.Alfrouge -Pursuit-3:29
43.The Invincible (Perseus)2:24
44.The Unblockable (Herakles)2:52
45.A good enemy is ... (Hippolyta)1:56
46.Only a dead enemy, right? (Penthesilea)2:17
47.Leaking sorrow (Pandora)2:11
48.The Forest diva (Atalanta)1:42
49.Happy barrage (Ariadne)1:58
50.Praise the great Muse (Nero)2:17
51.Imperial stella (Caesar)3:29
52.Desert panthera (Zenobia)2:31
53.Glorious anthem (Jeanne d'Arc)3:08
54.Superb insanity (Vlad)2:17
55.Gothic scream (Vordenburg)2:27
57.The silent epitaph3:23
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