Nate and Hayes

Intrada Special Collection 06/08/2018 CD - Edycja limitowana (720258541703)
Film Uwolnienie filmu: 1983

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# Tor   Czas
1.Opening Titles5:17
2.Escape From Mumi Village Pt. 11:29
3.Escape From Mumi Village Pt. 21:22
4.Hayes Fights Mumi Women On Bridge2:04
5.Hayes Captured0:24
6.Hayes Commences His Story0:40
7.Hayes' And Sophie's Pact1:53
8.Sophie Disembarks0:41
9.The Parting1:46
10.The Veranda At Night0:55
11.The Rona Turns About (Original)0:30
12.Pease Attacks Village4:00
13.Ruined Village1:38
14.Nate Sails Off (Revised)1:43
15.Hayes Returns To Mission Island0:59
16.German March0:21
17.Sophie’s Escape Foiled By Omar1:15
18.Nate Stranded0:57
19.Arrival At Samoa1:37
20.Hayes & Crew Disembark At Samoa2:00
21.Hotel Version 11:27
22.Hotel Version 21:25
23.Chase Through Hotel2:07
24.Fong Kills Scotsman2:30
25.Hayes And Men Overpower Pease Crew2:12
26.Chase To The Gunboat1:07
27.The Stolen Leonora Sets Sail For Ponape0:35
28.Nate & Hayes Seal Their Friendship1:17
29.Arrival At Ponape Palace1:33
30.Nate & Hayes Arrive In Ponape1:01
31.The Sacrifice5:24
32.Escape From Ponape1:50
33.Gunboat Pursues The Leonora4:04
34.Leonora Waits In Ambush2:05
35.Gunboat Is Boarded2:00
36.Gunboat Is Paralyzed2:01
37.Sword Fight2:17
38.Pease Prepares To Fire On The Leonora1:42
40.Walk To The Gallows0:57
41.Escape From Prison2:10
42.End Credits4:30
# Tor   Czas
The Extras
1.Main Theme From Nate And Hayes (Overture)1:28
2.Escape From Mumi Village (Film Edit)1:28
3.The Rona Turns About (Alternate)0:30
4.The Rona Turns About Revised (Film Version)1:04
5.Ethnic Percussion 11:55
6.Ethnic Percussion 23:23
7.Ethnic Percussion 33:19
8.The Sacrifice (Alternate Percussion)3:22
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