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Film Uwolnienie filmu: 2010

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# Tor   Czas
1.A Team Theme1:38
3.Complain To The Cops0:35
4.Escape Handcuffs0:31
5.Meet Hannibal (Redo)0:42
6.Meet Hannibal0:43
7.Policia Federal0:23
8.Mohawk Rising0:19
9.Balt Mohawk Rising0:22
10.Chop Shop Fight0:31
11.Chop Shop Fight Pt.20:15
12.What's Up Girl0:21
13.Face And Tuco1:13
14.Somewhere In Mexico0:37
15.B.A.'s Tattoo1:03
16.B.A.'s Tattoo (Redo)0:57
17.Alpha Mike Foxtrot1:28
18.Rescuing Face1:18
19.Escape In Van0:27
20.Pt.1 Face Meets B.A.1:29
21.Pt.2 Meet Murdoch0:49
22.Tuco's Men Close In0:25
23.Murdock Stitching B.A.0:54
24.Tuco's Army Arrives0:18
25.I'm A Ranger, Baby0:58
26.Let's Get The Hell Outta Here0:54
27.Helicopter Escape0:32
28.Helicopter Escape Cont.1:24
29.Helicopter Escape Pt.21:48
30.Welcome To Baghdad1:28
31.Face & Sosa0:48
32.Baghdad The Plates1:00
33.Guitar Tag0:23
34.Face & Sosa Pt.20:33
35.Sosa Sees Lynch0:29
36.General's Most Valuable Asset0:42
37.Meet Pike0:56
38.Ranger With A Fear Of Flying0:31
39.The Plan Cont.3:45
40.The Plan Goes On1:31
41.Plan Finale1:37
42.Plan Goes Wrong0:46
43.Court Martial3:17
44.Orch Alt - Court Martial3:17
45.I Know Where Pike Is1:52
46.Cremation Escape0:24
47.Putting The Team Back Together2:39
48.B.A. Escape0:36
49.I Can't Kill0:49
50.Looney Bin Breakout0:52
# Tor   Czas
1.Hijacking C 1301:28
2.Drones Attack Plane5:15
3.Tank Splashdown0:29
4.Sosa Team To Germany0:37
5.Sosa Remembers Lynch0:27
6.Sosa Challenges Lynch1:08
8.Frankfurt Cont.0:32
9.Photo Booth0:41
10.Photo Booth Cont.0:48
11.Frankfurt Shootout0:38
12.Retrieving The Plates3:51
13.B.A. & Pike Face Off1:42
14.Pt.1 Safehouse Pt.12:16
15.Pt.2 Safehouse Pt.21:39
16.Pt.3 Safehouse Pt.30:19
17.Pt.4 Safehouse Pt.40:53
18.Lynch Takes Pike1:39
19.Safehouse Aftermath Face's Plan1:11
20.Pike Rides With Lynch's Team1:26
21.You've Got To Hear This, Sir1:52
22.Face Calls Sosa A Team At Airport1:32
23.A Team Takes Off0:40
24.Face's Shell Game1:09
25.It's Gonna Get Heavy, Isnt It1:57
26.The Docks3:30
27.The Docks Pt.22:52
28.The Docks Pt.31:09
29.Face, Pike & B.A.0:53
30.Luring Lynch In The Docks Pt.46:04
31.Team Taken Into Custody1:30
32.Team Taken Into Custody Pt.20:43
33.I Love It When A Plan Comes Together2:21
34.A Team Coda0:17
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