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Angels & Demons
Complete Score

Bootleg 2009 Pobieranie
Film Uwolnienie filmu: 2009

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# Tor   Czas
1.Smashing The Ring/The Empty Throne 
3.Illuminatti/Hunt and Kill Them 
4.The Arrival of the Electors 
5.The God Particle 
6.Fellas, You Called Me 
7.Do You Believe In God, Sir? 
8.Robert and Vittoria to the Archives 
9.Seeking the Antimatter 
10.Seal the Doors 
11.Grey Tea/May God Forgive You 
12.There Is No Time For This/To The Pantheon 
13.Wrong Place 
15.The Seat of Ultimate Power Stills Vacant 
17.Black Smoke Again/It Wasn't Me 
18.Camerlengo and Vittoria 
19.Santa Tereza on Fire 
20.Red Despair, Black as Death 
22.If It's God's Will 
23.The Journals 
24.'Cross Rome 
26.The Castle of Sant'Angelo 
27.Running To Save The Martir 
29.Camerlengo's Sacrifice 
30.Elected By Adoration 
31.Lies and Crossed Keys 
33.Pope Lucas, The Last Preferiti 
35.160 BPM/End Credits 
36.Camerlengo's Sacrifice (Alternate) 
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