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Nature's Great Events


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# Tor   Czas
1.Nature's Great Events (Title)2:10
2.The Great Forest2:40
3.A Mountain Awakening3:22
4.Hunting Salmon1:23
5.Pacific Rain2:00
6.The Great Melt2:24
7.Mother & Cub1:13
8.Narwhal Journey2:55
9.Icy Waterfalls1:53
10.Journey's End1:17
11.The Sea Turns to Ice3:24
12.The Mountain of God1:32
13.Wildebeest Play1:23
14.Stealth Attack2:20
15.The Great Migration6:05
16.The Pride Returns2:03
17.The Great Flood3:09
21.Scorched Earth1:34
22.Reaching Water1:56
23.The Great Feast1:19
25.Bubble Netting3:05
26.The Great Tide2:29
27.Super Pod2:02
28.Dying Gannet1:08
29.Gannets Take Off2:35
30.The Attack Begins4:15
31.Massed Attack2:59
32.The Making Of1:36
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