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Jurassic Park & The Lost World

Film | Rok: 2000 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
1.Jurassic Park Theme3:26
2.The Island Prolouge3:32
3.Hammonds Plan2:09
4.Malcom's Journey3:36
5.The Stegosaurus5:18
6.The Stowaway1:00
7.The Arrival of Team B1:49
8.The Hunt #3:28
9.The Capture/Roland Tembo's Hunt1:06
10.The Backup Plan: Sabotage2:19
11.The Rampage1:21
12.The Infant T-Rex and The High Hide1:09
13.Walking On Broken Glass4:01
14.Rescuing Sarah (Expanded Version)5:04
16.The Trek #5:22
17.Death & Dieter Stark1:34
18.The Compys Dine5:06
19.Uninvited Guest #3:19
20.Crashing The Sleepover2:15
21.The Pack Hunters In The Long Grass2:24
22.Finding Camp Jurassic3:01
23.The Raptor Attack B3:41
24.The Raptor Attack C1:23
25.The Helicopter A (Film version, Tracked & Looped Theme)1:16
# Tor   Czas
1.The Lost World Theme (Album Version)3:33
2.The Helicopter B0:20
3.Tembo's Goodbye2:10
4.The Ludlow Affair2:04
5.'Now You're Hammond'2:22
6.Visitor In San Diego10:21
7.Ludlow's Demise #12:40
8.Finale & End Credits (AIbum Version)4:41
9.-22. Jurassic Park Bonus Cues/JP Trailer/Concert Re-Recordings34:15
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