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Silva Screen Records 10/06/2022 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Goodboys Anthem2:16
2.The Noble Dragon1:38
3.ZeroRuss Davies feat. Inge Beckmann4:00
4.Vimes' Theme2:28
5.Carcer's Theme2:10
6.Goodboy and The Noble Dragon2:22
7.The Unreal Estate1:40
11.Lady Ramkin's Pursuit2:16
12.Nothing Wrong With Loving A HorseRuss Davies feat. Marius van Coller3:19
13.The Lady Of The Lake2:21
14.Goodboy's Search1:43
15.Lord Vetinari's Theme1:48
16.The Mines1:06
18.Carcer's Realisation2:51
19.Attempting Murder2:53
20.Unseen University0:54
22.The Observers0:51
23.Gawain's Love Song1:25
25.Angua's Vision2:20
26.The Summoning Dark2:18
27.The WhatGold (Cheery & Vimes) [feat. Joni Ayton-Kent & Richard Dormer] Russ Davies feat. Joni Ayton-Kent & Richard Dormer2:25
28.Last BreathRuss Davies feat. Wendell Pierce1:11
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