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Walt Disney Records 04/06/2021 Download
Film Film release: 1977

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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Titles (Retake)3:32
2.Casey Is Carried Off0:58
3.Bundage Reveals Plot0:18
4.Casey Arrives in London0:45
5.Bundage Writes a Letter/Casey Comes to Candleshoe1:46
6.Tea with Lady St. Edmund1:21
7.Lady St. Edmund Welcomes Casey0:47
8.Casey Explores Candleshoe1:28
9.Lady St. Edmund Dismisses Gipping0:32
10.Casey Takes a Walk with Lady St. Edmund2:19
11.Casey Is Apprehended in the Library1:19
12.Casey Finds the First Clue1:07
13.A Fight in the Family2:16
14.Casey in the Churchyard0:58
15.Colonel Dennis at the Gallop0:36
16.Market Day2:05
17.Casey Gets Knocked Out1:06
18.Candleshoe Waltz (Film Mix)0:44
19.Catching the 12:20 Train2:20
20.The Big Fight at Candleshoe6:07
21.Bundage Comes Back for More0:55
22.The Treasure Is Found1:21
23.End Title1:48
24.Main Titles (Take 5)3:30
25.Main Titles (Take 6)3:31
26.Greensleeves No. 1 (Piano)0:12
27.Greensleeves No. 2 (Piano)0:16
28.Market Day (Take 2)2:05
29.Candleshoe Waltz (Phonograph Version)0:42
30.Candleshoe Waltz (Orchestra Version)0:45
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