Hollywood Records Germany (0720616204325)
Hollywood Records US (0720616204325)
映画 | 年: 1995 | フォーマット: CD




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.1960's, The - The Turbulent Years5:03
2.Main Title... The White House Gate4:16
3.Growing Up In Whittier2:42
4.The Ellsberg Break-In And Watergate2:42
5.Love Field - Dallas, November 19634:51
6.Losing A Brother3:17
7.The Battle Hymn Of The Republic1:03
8.Making A Comeback2:20
9.And The Bay Of Pigs4:46
10.Miami Convention, 19683:18
11.The Meeting With Mao3:09
12.I Am That Sacrifice4:49
13.The Farewell Scene5:01
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Oscars: Best Original Score (ノミネート)

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