The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box

Warner Bros. Records (0093624960010)
Film | Data di rilascio: 24/05/2011 | Formato: CD
Edizione limitata: 1000 copie

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# Traccia   Durata
Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
1.Main Title/Bike Race 
2.The Breakfast Machine 
3.The Bike 
4.The Park Ride 
5.The Mall 
6.Music Shop And Beyond 
7.Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk 
8.Francis’ House  
9.The Bath 
10.The Basement 
11.Hitch Hike 
12.Edsel Over The Edge 
13.Simone’s Theme 
14.Dinosaur Dream 
15.Andy Chase 
17.Bus Station/Simone 
18.Clown Dream 
19.Studio Chase 
20.Pet Shop 
21.The Drive-In 
23.Large Marge 
24.The Fork 
26.Andy Chase 2 
27.Cowboy Pee-wee 
28.Andy And The Bull 
29.Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk (film version) 
30.Hitch Hike (film version) 
31.Simone (film version) 
32.Dino Dreams (film version) 
# Traccia   Durata
1.Main Titles (with Elfman vocal intro) 
2.Travel Music 
3.The Book!/Obituaries 
4.Enter… “The Family”/Sand Worm Planet 
5.The Fly 
6.Lydia Discovers? 
7.In The Model 
8.Juno’s Theme 
11.The Flier/Lydia’s Pep Talk 
12.The Incantation 
13.Lydia Strikes A Bargain… 
16.The Wedding 
17.The Aftermath 
18.End Credits 
19.Happy House 
20.Travel 2 
21.Delilah’s Entrance 
22.No Ghosts 
23.Keyhole 1 
24.Keyhole 2 
26.The Door 
27.Lydia Enters 
28.Sheet Ghost 
30.Otho’s Idea 
33.Travels III (Bike Ride) 
34.Musak 1 
35.Musak 2 
36.Harlot’s Hangout 
37.Beetlejuice: The Animated (Main Title) 
38.Beetlejuice Commercial 
39.Beetlejuice Commercial (film version) 
40.Main Title (work tape) 
# Traccia   Durata
1.The Batman Theme 
2.Roof Fight 
3.First Confrontation 
6.Clown Attack 
7.Batman To The Rescue 
8.Roasted Dude 
9.Photos/Beautiful Dreamer 
10.Descent Into Mystery 
11.The Bat Cave 
12.The Joker’s Poem 
13.Childhood Remembered 
14.Love Theme 
15.Charge Of The Batmobile 
16.Attack Of The Batwing (extended version) 
17.Up The Cathedral 
18.Waltz To The Death 
19.The Final Confrontation 
21.Batman Theme Reprise 
22.Bat Zone/Axis Set-Up 
23.Joker Flies To Gotham (unused)/Batwing I 
24.Men At Work 
25.Vicki Gets A Gift 
26.Alicia’s Unmasking 
27.Sad Pictures 
28.Joker’s Commercial (work tape) 
29.Joker’s Commercial (film version) 
30.Unused Early Title Idea (worktape) 
31.Herrmann-esque thing (worktape) 
32.Axis (worktape) 
33.Wacky (worktape) 
34.Waltz—Music Box (worktape) 
35.Waltz—With Weird, Unused Ending (worktape) 
36.Wild Theme (worktape) 
37.Bat Wing Idea (worktape) 
# Traccia   Durata
Edward Scissorhands
1.Introduction (Titles) 
3.Castle On The Hill 
4.Beautiful New World/Home Sweet Home 
5.The Cookie Factory 
6.Ballet De Suburbia (Suite) 
7.Ice Dance 
8.Etiquette Lesson 
9.Edwardo The Barber 
12.The Tide Turns (Suite) 
13.The Final Confrontation 
15.The Grand Finale 
16.The End 
19.The Tide Changes 
22.The Talk Show Shocker 
23.Kim At The Mall 
24.Storytime (demo) 
25.Suburbia (demo) 
26.Misc. (unused demo) 
27.Ice Dance (demo) 
# Traccia   Durata
Batman Returns
1.Birth Of A Penguin I 
2.Birth Of A Penguin II 
3.The Lair I 
4.The Lair II 
5.Selina Transforms I 
6.Selina Transforms II 
7.The Cemetery 
8.Cat Suite 
9.Batman Vs. The Circus 
10.The Rise And Fall From Grace I 
11.The Rise And Fall From Grace II 
12.Sore Spots 
13.Rooftops/Wild Ride I 
14.Rooftops/Wild Ride II 
15.The Children’s Hour 
16.The Final Confrontation I 
17.The Final Confrontation II 
18.The Finale I 
19.The Finale II 
20.End Credits 
21.Penguin’s Grand Deed 
22.Catwoman Saves Joan 
23.Revealed/Party Crasher 
24.Penguin Theme 1 (work tape)  
25.Penguin March (work tape) 
26.Penguin Theme 2 (work tape) 
27.Penguin Theme 3 (work tape) 
28.Death Of The Penguin (demo) 
# Traccia   Durata
Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas
3.This Is Halloween 
4.Post Party 
5.Jack’s Lament 
6.Doctor Finklestein/In The Forest 
7.What’s This? (Singing Elf mix) 
8.Sally’s Lament/Wandering Jack 
9.Jack Returns 
10.Town Meeting Song Intro 
11.Town Meeting Song 
12.Jack And Sally Montage 
13.Jack’s Obsession 
14.Work In Progress 
15.Kidnap The Sandy Claws 
17.Making Christmas Intro 
18.Making Christmas 
20.Oogie Boogie’s Song 
21.Big Send-Off 
22.Sally’s Song 
23.Christmas Eve Montage (extended film version) 
24.Poor Jack 
25.To The Rescue 
26.Back To Business 
29.End Title 
# Traccia   Durata
Mars Attacks!
2.Main Titles 
3.First Sighting 
4.The Landing 
5.Ungodly Experiments 
6.State Address 
7.Martian Madame 
8.Martian Lounge 
9.Return Message 
10.Destructo X 
11.Loving Heads 
13.The War Room 
14.Airfield Dilemma 
15.New World 
16.Ritchie’s Speech 
17.End Credits 
19.Final Address 
20.First Fire Fight 
22.Boy Scout Jamboree/White House Mayhem 
23.Art’s Demise/Chase/Punch Out/Viva Las Vegas 
24.The Big Launch 
25.Ungodly Experiments (alternate version) 
26.Barb Shares 
27.Battle Transition 
28.The Landing (extended film version) 
29.Main Title (unused early version) 
# Traccia   Durata
Sleepy Hollow
2.Main Titles 
3.Young Ichabod 
4.The Story… 
5.Masbath’s Terrible Death 
6.Sweet Dreams 
7.A Gift 
8.Into The Woods/The Witch 
9.More Dreams 
10.The Tree Of Death 
11.Bad Dream/Tender Moment 
12.Evil Eye 
13.The Church Battle 
14.Love Lost 
15.The Windmill 
16.The Chase 
17.The Final Confrontation 
18.A New Day! 
19.End Credits 
20.Young Masbath 
21.Autopsy/Phony Chase 
22.Phillip’s Death 
23.Mysterious Figure 
24.Main Titles Part 1 & 2 (film version) 
# Traccia   Durata
Planet Of The Apes
1.Main Titles 
2.Ape Suite #1 
3.Deep Space Launch 
4.The Hunt 
5.Branding The Herd 
6.The Dirty Deed 
7.Escape From Ape City/The Legend 
8.Ape Suite #2 
9.Old Flames 
10.Thad Goes Ape 
11.Preparing For Battle 
12.The Battle Begins 
13.The Return 
14.Main Title Deconstruction 
15.Rule The Planet Remix 
16.The Escape 
18.Dinner Source 
19.Main Title (synth and percussion only) 
20.Camp Raid (percussion only) 
# Traccia   Durata
Big Fish
2.Big Fish (Titles) 
3.Shoe Stealing 
5.Sandra’s Theme 
6.The Growing Montage 
7.Leaving Spectre 
8.Return To Spectre 
10.The Journey Home 
11.In The Tub 
12.Sandra’s Farewell 
14.End Titles 
15.Jenny’s Theme 
16.Titles Part 2 
17.The Witch 
18.Witch Escort 
19.Chicken Pox 
20.A Volunteer 
21.Journey To Spectre 
22.River Girl 
23.Bedtime Story 
24.Enter Colossus 
25.Enter Karl 
26.Spotting Sandra 
27.Joining The Circus 
28.Circus Montage 
29.Aah Love 
30.The Swimming Pool 
32.Leaving Jenny 
33.Twice The Love (Siamese Twins’ Song) 
34.Harmonics (work tape) 
35.Goodbye Theme (work tape) 
36.Sandra’s Theme (work tape) 
37.An Idea (work tape) 
38.Jenny’s Theme (work tape) 
39.Early Finale (demo) 
# Traccia   Durata
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
1.Wonka’s Welcome Song 
2.Augustus Gloop 
3.Violet Beauregarde 
4.Veruca Salt 
5.Mike Teavee 
6.Main Titles 
7.Wonka’s First Shop 
8.The Indian Palace 
9.Wheels In Motion 
10.Charlie’s Birthday Bar 
11.The Golden Ticket/Factory 
12.Chocolate Explorers 
13.Loompa Land 
14.The Boat Arrives 
15.The River Cruise 
16.First Candy 
17.Up And Out 
18.The River Cruise - Part 2 
19.Charlie Declines 
21.End Credit Suite 
22.The Exciting Day 
23.The Busy Beavers 
24.Charlie’s Jackpot 
25.Moms And Dads 
26.Chocolate River 
27.Violet’s Transformation 
28.Bad Nut 
29.Escape To Fudge Mountain 
30.Willy Leaves Home 
31.Mike’s Zapped 
32.The One And Only 
33.Willy Goes Home 
34.The Better Montage 
35.Boatride (unused demo) 
36.More Oompahs (early demo) 
# Traccia   Durata
Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
1.Main Titles 
2.According To Plan 
3.Victor’s Piano Solo (without dialogue) 
4.Into The Forest 
5.Remains Of The Day 
6.Casting A Spell 
7.Moon Dance 
8.Victor’s Deception 
9.Tears To Shed 
10.Victoria’s Scape 
11.The Piano Duet (without dialogue) 
12.New Arrival 
13.Victoria’s Wedding 
14.The Wedding Song 
15.The Party Arrives 
16.Victor’s Wedding 
17.Barkis’s Bummer 
18.The Finale 
19.End Credits Part 1 
20.End Credits Part 2 - Bonus Tracks from Bonejangles and His Bone Boys 
21.Ball & Socket Lounge Music #1 (Band Version) 
22.Remains Of The Day (Combo Lounge Version) 
23.Bail & Socket Lounge Music #2 
24.Ball & Socket Lounge Music #1 (Combo Version) 
25.Victor & Victoria Meet 
26.Victor’s Escape 
27.Be Gone Ye Demons 
28.Till Dawn 
29.Back Upstairs 
30.Wedding Song Intro 
31.Mayhew Croaks 
32.A Plan Is Forming 
33.A Plan Is Revealed 
34.Mini Lounge 
35.Unused Cue (demo) 
36.Introduction (demo) 
37.Little Melodies (work tape) 
# Traccia   Durata
Alice In Wonderland
1.Alice’s Theme 
2.Little Alice 
3.Proposal (Down The Hole) 
5.Drink Me 
6.Into The Garden 
7.Alice Reprise #1 
9.Finding Absolem 
10.Alice Reprise #2 
11.The Cheshire Cat 
12.Alice And Bayard’s Journey 
13.Alice Reprise #3 
14.Alice Escapes 
15.The White Queen 
16.Only A Dream 
17.The Dungeon 
18.Alice Decides 
19.Alice Reprise #4 
20.Going To Battle 
21.The Final Confrontation 
22.Blood Of The Jabberwocky 
23.Alice Returns 
24.Alice Reprise #5 
25.Main Title/Opening 
26.Alice And Mom/Sniffing 
27.Hatter Recital 
28.Bayard And The White Queen 
29.Castle Problems 
30.Saving The Hatter 
31.Vorpal Sword 
32.Alice Revealed 
34.Alice Under Pressure 
35.Dragons & Swords 
36.Alice’s Theme (demo 1) 
37.Alice’s Theme (demo 2) 
38.Alice’s Theme (demo 3) 
39.Alice’s Theme (1st recording) 
# Traccia   Durata
Notes And Notions: Orchestra-Only Versions
1.Opening (orchestra-only version) 
2.This Is Halloween (orchestra-only version) 
3.Jack’s Lament (orchestra-only version) 
4.What’s This? (orchestra-only version) 
5.Town Meeting Song (orchestra-only version) 
6.Jack’s Obsession (orchestra-only version) 
7.Kidnap The Sandy Claws (orchestra-only version) 
8.Making Christmas (orchestra-only version) 
9.Oogie Boogie’s Song (orchestra-only version) 
10.Sally’s Song (orchestra-only version) 
11.Finale/Reprise (orchestra-only version) 
12.Closing (orchestra–only version) 
13.Wonka’s Welcome Song (orchestra-only version) 
14.Augustus Gloop (orchestra-only version) 
15.Violet Beauregarde (orchestra-only version) 
16.Veruca Salt (orchestra-only version) 
17.Mike Teavee (orchestra – only version) 
18.According To Plan (orchestra-only version) 
19.Remains Of The Day (orchestra-only version) 
20.Tears To Shed (orchestra-only version) 
21.The Wedding Song (orchestra-only version) 
22.Corpse Bride Piano (work tape) 
23.Medley Suite 
24.Edward Scissorhands Suite 
25.Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Suite 
26.Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Suite 
# Traccia   Durata
Oddities And Ends
1.The Jar 1 
2.The Jar 2 
3.The Jar 3 
4.The Jar 4 
5.The Jar 5 
6.The Jar 6 
7.The Jar (work tape) 
8.Amazing Stories: Family Dog - Main Title 
9.Amazing Stories: Family Dog - Amazing Stories 
10.Family Dog: TV Series - Main Title  
11.Family Dog: TV Series - End Credits 
12.Stainboy Suite 
13.MOMA - Christmas 1 
14.MOMA - Sneaky 
15.MOMA - Creepy Clowns 
16.MOMA - Too Sweet 
17.MOMA - Sad 
18.MOMA - Eerie Circus 
19.MOMA - Trailer 
20.MOMA - Bells 
21.MOMA - Spies 
22.MOMA - Organ 
23.MOMA - Calliope 
24.MOMA - Alien Calliope 
25.MOMA - Christmas 2 
29.Edward Theme 
31.Kim’s Room 
32.Theme 1 (demo) 
33.Theme 2 (demo) 
34.Theme 3 (demo) 
35.Theme 4 (demo) 
36.Theme 5 (demo) 
37.Theme 6 (demo) 
38.Futterwacken 1 – (demo) 
39.Futterwacken 2 – (demo) 
40.Futterwacken 3 – (demo) 
41.Futterwacken 4 – (demo) 
42.Futterwacken (final film version) 
# Traccia   Durata
Curios And Curiouser: Song Demos
1.Opening (Danny Elfman vocal version) 
2.This Is Halloween (demo) 
3.Jack’s Lament (demo) 
4.What’s This? 
5.Town Meeting Song 
6.Jack’s Obsession (demo) 
7.Kidnap The Sandy Claws (demo) 
8.Making Christmas (demo) 
9.Oogie Boogie’s Song (demo) 
10.Sally’s Song (instrumental demo) 
11.Poor Jack (demo) 
12.Finale/Reprise (demo) 
13.This Time (unused electric song - demo) 
14.This Is Halloween (Italian version) 
15.Jack’s Lament (German version) 
16.Oogie Boogie’s Song (Italian version) 
17.Sally’s Song (German version) 
18.Poor Jack (French version) 
19.Closing (Danny Elfman Vocal version) 
20.Augustus Gloop (demo) 
21.Violet Beauregarde (demo) 
22.Veruca Salt (demo) 
23.Mike Teavee (demo) 
24.Veruca Salt (unused Bollywood version – demo) 
25.According To Plan (demo) 
26.Tears To Shed (demo) 
27.Remains Of The Day (demo) 
28.Erased (unused song - demo) 
29.The Wedding Song (demo) 
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