Songs for Jackie Chan
Picture Disc

Film | Anno: 1984 | Formato: Vinile

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.To Kill With Intrigue: Jackie Chan fist4:03
2.Project AJackie Chan2:28
3.The Cannonball Run II: Power OnThe Kung Fu Express3:38
4.Fantasy Mission Force: Danger Love2:45
5.Cunning MonkeyShy3:31
6.The Cannonball Run: CannonballRay Stevens3:10
7.Dragon LordTime Five & The Kung Fu Express3:43
8.Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin: Dangerous EyesHayashi Tetsuji3:33
9.MarianneJackie Chan3:48
10.Theme from The Young MasterJackie Chan4:12
11.Dragon FistKoshimizu Mitsuru3:37
12.Spiritual Kung Fu: China GirlThe Kung Fu Express3:18
13.Shaolin Wooden Men: Miracle GuyJahana Yoshiaki3:36
14.Shaolin Wooden Men: Miracle FighterMOJO3:28
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