Virtual Reality is Real

TV / Film TV | Anno: 1995 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Sydney's Theme0:48
2.Highrise Rooftop2:09
3.Paradise Shower2:33
4.Waterstation Clue1:03
5.To Dance Again4:01
6.Animal VR/Kravitz VR5:20
7.Didjeridu Thing1:34
8.Family Drowning/Cat Fight4:44
9.Sydney's Theme0:53
10.The Theater4:16
11.The Bank3:25
12.Getting The Info/Trailer Park2:59
13.I'd Choose You1:29
14.Script Writing2:10
15.Morgan Freaks/Booth's Theme4:35
16.Mom Freaks3:16
17.Booth's Tango0:58
18.Sydney & Duncan Talk1:02
19.Main Title0:49
20.Sydney's Theme0:48
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