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Noah's Ark

Colosseum (4005939602727)
Varčse Sarabande (0030206602722)
TV / Film TV | Data di rilascio: 04/05/1999 | Rilascio pellicola: 1999 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Noah's Ark - Opening Titles/Drums of War1:38
2.March of the Animals3:41
3.Naamah's Theme1:40
4.The Voice of God/The Volcano2:20
5.Storm Clouds Gather1:21
6.The Ark Afloat2:27
7.The Flood1:19
8.An Idyll/The Tale of the Piper2:32
9.The Peddler1:03
10.False Gods1:50
11.Streets of Gerar2:47
12.Three Trysts4:29
13.Building the Ark/Desert Warriors1:50
15.Pirate Attack2:47
16.Fire on Deck/A Whirlpool2:16
17.Afloat and Alone3:37
18.Royally Stilted1:23
19.The Bleeding Sky1:51
20.Strange Rites4:02
21.Noah Dances to Save the World1:29
22.Return of the Dove1:35
24.God's Promise1:53
25.The Battle1:58
26.End Titles0:58
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