Monstrous Movie Music
Them! / It Came from Beneath the Sea / It Came from Outer Space / The Mole People

Monstrous Movie Music (611225195022)
Film | Date: 1996 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
The Mole People by Herman Stein Hans J. Salter Heinz Roemheld (1956)
3.Main Title1:31
Them! by Bronislaw Kaper (1954)
4.Main Title1:00
5.Lost Girl2:00
7.Little Girl Wakens0:42
8.Ant Hole/Burning The Ant Hole3:29
9.The Descent/Ant Chamber4:13
10.Conference Table/The Wall Map3:11
11.Interior of Morgue1:42
12.Military Takes Over/Through The Tunnels3:06
13.Ant Hole #2/End of the Monsters1:25
14.Ant Fugue3:34
It Came from Outer Space (1953)
15.Main Title0:27
16.Sand Rock0:51
17.Star Gazing1:38
18.Visitors From Space2:38
19.The Thing Follows1:33
20.Mysterious Desert1:48
21.Globs Give Instructions1:56
22.Prospector Globbed1:45
23.Dr. Snell Disappears0:47
24.Kidnapping Ellen1:32
25.Glob Frank Killed2:15
26.Killing Glob Ellen1:10
27.End Title0:56
28.End Cast1:08
It Came from Beneath the Sea by Mischa Bakaleinikoff (1955)
29.Atom-Powered Submarine0:22
30.Main Title1:29
31.Love By The Sea0:50
32.Mister Monster #20:42
33.Tentacle/It vs. Golden Gate Bridge1:04
34.Mister Monster1:15
35.Suckers In The Streets!0:52
36.Monster Beneath The Sea/Destroying The Beast2:32
38.Main Title (It Came From Outer Space)0:29
39.Visitors From Space (It Came From Outer Space)2:38
40.The Thing Follows (It Came From Outer Space)1:33
41.Prospector Globbed (It Came From Outer Space)1:46
42.Kidnapping Ellen (It Came From Outer Space)1:31
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