The Best of Star Trek: Volume Two

GNP Crescendo (0052824806122)
GNP Crescendo (0090204970223)
Série TV/Film de TV | Date de sortie: 31/07/2000 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Star Trek: The Original Series - Main Title (String Arrangement Season 1) Alexander Courage / Arr. Fred Steiner0:51
Star Trek Original Series
2.Suite From ''The Corbomite Maneuver'' Fred Steiner4:29
3.Suite From ''Balance Of Terror'' Fred Steiner3:42
4.Suite From ''What Are Little Girls Made Of'' Fred Steiner4:39
5.In Chapel (From Balance Of Terror) Traditional / Arr. Fred Steiner1:18
6.Theme From Star Trek (Lounge Mix) Alexander Courage1:39
7.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Main Title (Season 4) Dennis Mccarthy1:55
Suite From ''Way Of The Warrior''
8.Dry Run Dennis Mccarthy1:31
9.Medieval Harp Surch Dennis Mccarthy2:57
10.Evil Empire Dennis Mccarthy1:35
11.''Yo!'' Dennis Mccarthy4:08
12.Worf II Dennis Mccarthy1:47
Bonus Track: From ''His Way''
13.FeverNana Visitor J. Davenport & E. Cooley / Arr. Jay Chataway2:01
14.Star Trek: Voyager - Main Title Jerry Goldsmith1:47
Suitefrom ''Bride Of Chaotica''
15.Begin Chapter 18 / I Present ... Archnia David Bell4:21
16.Confinement Rings / Segue To Torres David Bell3:07
17.Chaotica Is Defeated / Distortions David Bell3:43
18.Chaotica's Last Words / The End? David Bell1:05
19.Star Trek: The Next Generation - Main Title (Season 2) Alexander Courage & Jerry Goldsmith1:40
Suite from ''All Good Things''
20.Here Comes the Judge II / To the Rescue Dennis McCarthy5:59
21.Primalosity Dennis McCarthy2:29
22.Courage Dennis McCarthy3:31
23.Saved Again Dennis McCarthy2:26
24.I Have a Gun Dennis McCarthy0:52
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