Movie Box, Vol. 3 - The Sound of the Movies

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Film Musical | Date de sortie: 18/07/2013 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Spellbound Excerpts from the Musical Score of SpellboundSelznick Recording Orchestra13:18
2.PreludeSymphony Orchestra3:03
3.SubconsciousSymphony Orchestra3:03
4.Spellbound: Love Themes, Pt. 2Symphony Orchestra3:12
5.Spellbound: Love Themes, Pt. 1Symphony Orchestra3:13
6.ScherzoSymphony Orchestra3:01
7.Terror On the Ski RunSymphony Orchestra3:05
8.DementiaSymphony Orchestra2:55
9.Spellbound ConcertoSymphony Orchestra3:09
10.Kipling's Jungle BookShirley Temple27:54
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Bright Eyes: On the Ship LollipopShirley Temple3:52
2.Stand Up and Cheer: Baby Take a BowShirley Temple2:49
3.Little Miss Marker: Laugh, You Son of a GunShirley Temple1:34
4.Now and Forever: The World Owes Me a LivingShirley Temple2:28
5.Baby, Take a Bow: On Accounta I Love YouShirley Temple1:27
6.The Little Colonel: Love's Young DreamShirley Temple1:20
7.The Toy TrumpetShirley Temple1:34
8.Curly Top: Animal Crackers in My SoupShirley Temple2:37
9.When a Grow UpShirley Temple3:53
10.The Litllest Rebel: Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young CharmsShirley Temple1:12
11.Polly Wolly DoodleShirley Temple2:00
12.Poor Little Rich Girl: When I'm With YouShirley Temple1:23
13.But Definitely!Shirley Temple3:39
14.Oh, My GoodnessShirley Temple3:49
15.At the Codfish BallShirley Temple3:29
16.Captain January: Early BirdShirley Temple2:01
17.The Right Somebody to LoveShirley Temple3:54
18.Stowaway: Goodnight, My LoveShirley Temple1:26
19.That's What I Want for ChristmasShirley Temple2:03
20.You've Got to S-M-I-L-E: To Be H-A Double P-YShirley Temple3:11
21.Dimples: Picture Me Without YouShirley Temple1:52
22.Get On Board, Li'l ChildrenShirley Temple1:11
23.He Was a DandyShirley Temple1:06
24.Hey, What Did the Blue Jay Say?Shirley Temple2:11
25.Dixie-AbbaShirley Temple & Stepin Fetchit3:00
26.Heidi: In Our Little Wooden ShoesShirley Temple1:26
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