Giant Robo I
The Animation:The Day The Earth Stood Still

Film | Date de sortie: 24/10/2001 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title1:49
2.The House of Deception0:59
3.Train Chase! Whereabouts of the Black Attaché Case5:52
4.Charge! His Name is Giant Robo!2:57
5.The Plot of the BF Clan1:19
6.Tragedy Occurs Again... (after Gregorian Chant, Dies Irae)2:33
7.The Development of the Shizuma Drives ~The Incident Starts Here~2:42
8.The Storing of G ~From the Theme of the International Police Organization~1:16
9.The Scenery from on High2:27
10.Tetsugyu in Love1:46
11.Sorrows in China (after Gregorian Chant, Dies Irae)2:44
12.The Tragedy of Bashtarlle ~L'Elisir d'Amore: Una Furtiva Lagrima (Donizetti)~4:18
13.A Great Fissure ~ A Tumult! Alberto Attacks5:07
14.Twilight in Beijing2:54
16.Explosive! Rocket-Fist Counterattack1:50
17.Manifestation of Uranus0:36
18.Robo Releases Autoguard!1:22
19.Preview of the Next Episode1:34
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