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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Recording Sessions)

Film | Date: 2010 | Sortie du film: 2001 | Type: Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.(1m2) WB Potter Logo V1 (Alternate)0:22
2.(1m2) WB Potter Logo V2 (Film)0:25
3.(1m1) The Prologue4:23
4.(1m3) The Friendly Reptile3:06
5.(1m4) Don't Burn my Letter2:12
6.(1m5) Mail Delivery1:47
7.(2m1) The Beach and the Arrival of Hagrid1:27
8.(2m2) You're a Wizard, Harry3:30
9.(2m3) The Wizard's Pub (Source)1:23
10.(2m4) Diagon Alley4:44
11.(2m4) Diagon Alley Insert (Take 568a)0:46
12.(2m4) Diagon Alley Insert (Take 569a)0:38
13.(2m4) Diagon Alley Insert (Take 570a)0:47
14.(2m4) Diagon Alley Insert (Take 575a)0:32
15.(2m4) Diagon Alley (Revised Take)4:50
16.(2m5) Harry Gets His Wand2:09
17.(3m1) Hagrid Flashback2:55
18.(3m2) Platform Nine and Three Quarters2:43
19.(3m3) Escaping Frog0:53
20.(3m4) Arrival at Hogwarts2:11
21.(3m5) Entry into the Great Hall2:01
22.(3m6) House Selection3:33
23.(4m1) The Banquet3:43
24.(4m2) Lonely First Night1:07
25.(4m2) Lonely First Night (Alternate Take)1:09
26.(4m3) Mail Drop1:37
27.(4m4) Mr Longbottom Flies3:39
28.(4m5) The Moving Stairs2:03
29.(4m6) It's Guarding Something (Revised)0:37
30.(4m7) Introduction to Quidditch1:34
31.(5m1) Hermione's Feather0:47
32.(5m1x) Troll in the Dungeon0:27
33.(5m2) Fighting the Troll3:51
34.(5m3) Nimbus 20001:17
35.(5m4 Pt I) Let the Games Begin2:17
36.(5m4 Pt II) The Scoring Begins1:41
37.(5m4 Pt III) Slytherin Scores2:32
38.(5m4 Pt IV) Harry's Great Victory2:29
39.(6m1) Hagrid's Christmas Tree0:59
40.(6m1a Alt) Cast a Christmas Spell (Ghosts)1:50
41.(6m1a) Christmas Music Box1:19
42.(6m2) Christmas Morning2:13
43.(6m2a) The Library Scene5:24
44.(6m3) Dumbledore's Advice2:35
45.(6m4a) Hedwig's Time Transition1:18
46.(6m4) Owl's Flight (Take 34)1:21
47.(6m4) Owl's Flight (Take 35)1:24
48.(6m4) Owl's Flight (Take 36w)1:24
49.(6m4) Owl's Flight (Take 37w)0:46
50.(6m4) Owl's Flight (Take 38w)0:26
51.(6m5) Hermione's Reading (Rev)1:09
52.(6m6) Norwegian Ridgeback1:41
53.(7m1) Filch's Fond Remembrance1:35
54.(7m2) The Blue Forest5:27
55.(7m3a) Hagrid Playing the Flute0:42
56.(7m3) Three Note Loop3:43
57.(7m4) Running to mcGonagall2:18
58.(7m6) Fluff'ys Harp2:35
59.(7m7) In the Vinesnakes2:32
60.(7m8) The Flying Keys2:01
61.(8m1) The Chess Board2:04
62.(8m2) The Game Begins3:53
63.(8m3) Checkmate2:02
64.(8m4) The Mirror Scene6:18
65.(8m5) Love, Harry1:46
66.(9m1) Gryffindor Wins2:43
67.(9m2) Leaving Hogwarts2:19
68.Coke Ad 60s1:07
69.Diagon Alley3:00
70.(Unnumbered) End Credits Pt. I5:30
71.Family Portrait3:32
72.Fluffy's Harp2:47
73.Hedwig theme5:14
74.Hedwig theme minature2:19
75.Hogwarts Forever2:03
76.Nimbus 20002:32
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