The Poseidon Adventure / The Towering Inferno / Earthquake
Disaster Movie Soundtrack Collection

La-La Land Records 03/12/2019 CD - 5000 copias


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
The Poseidon Adventure: The Film Score
1.Main Title2:16
2.Rogo And Linda1:37
3.The Big Wave And The Aftermath4:05
4.Raising The Christmas Tree1:32
5.Nonnie And Martin0:54
6.Up The Tree1:12
7.Death’s Door0:56
8.The Upturned Galley1:16
9.The Other Survivors1:37
10.Through The Galley1:15
11.Search For The Engine Room2:52
12.Barber Shoppe1:49
13.Saving Robin1:26
14.The Death Of Belle3:28
15.Hold Your Breath3:09
16.The Red Wheel1:27
17.Rogo Takes Command1:40
18.The Rescue And End Title3:40
The Poseidon Adventure: Additonal Music
19.Main Title (Alternate No. 1)2:02
20.Main Title (Alternate No. 2)2:10
21.The Morning After (Vocal Version 1)Performed by Renee Armand2:10
22.To Love3:14
23.New Year’s Party No. 11:01
24.The Morning After (Vocal Version 2)Performed by Renee Armand2:11
25.New Year’s Party No. 22:13
26.Give Me The Simple Life / A Certain Smile (Medley)1:53
27.Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing1:29
28.The Morning After (Instrumental)2:11
29.Auld Lang SynePerformed by Renee Armand1:37
30.The Morning After(Song From The Poseidon Adventure)Performed by Maureen McGovern2:24
# Pista   Duración
The Towering Inferno: Score Presentation
1.Main Title (Film Version)5:07
2.Something For Susan (Film Version)2:45
3.Lisolette And Harlee (Film Version)2:36
4.The Flame Ignites1:01
5.More For Susan1:57
6.Harlee Dressing1:43
7.Let There Be Light0:54
8.Alone At Last0:53
9.The First Casualty2:09
10.The Elevator Victim1:26
12.Facing The Flames3:33
14.The Rescue Of Angela And The Blocked Door2:16
15.Departmental Pride And The Cat1:03
16.Doug’s Fall And Piggy Back Ride2:31
17.Lisolette’s Descent3:10
18.Down The Pipes1:15
19.Down The Ropes1:23
20.Out Of The Shaft+1:23
21.The Door Opens And The Hot Wire2:56
23.The Mayor’s Wife0:58
24.The Helicopter Explodes2:34
25.Short Goodbyes2:28
27.Lowering The Elevator1:29
28.What Explosion?1:28
29.Passing The Word1:15
30.The Solution2:50
31.Setting The Charges6:32
32.Waking Up2:38
34.An Architect’s Dream / End Cast3:34
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
The Towering Inferno: Additional Music
1.Main Title (Alternate)5:07
2.The Elevator Victim (Alternate)1:26
3.Piggy Back Ride (Alternate)2:03
4.Down The Pipes (Alternate)1:18
5.Short Goodbyes (Alternate)2:13
6.The Solution (Alternate)2:49
7.An Architect’s Dream End Cast (Alternate)3:31
The Towering Inferno: Source Music
8.We May Never Love Like This Again (Film Version)Performed by Maureen McGovern2:07
9.We May Never Love Like This Again / Love Theme3:05
11.You Make Feel So Young2:58
12.The More I See You3:51
13.The Morning After2:09
14.Maggie Shoots Pool2:58
15.The Promenade Room2:37
The Towering Inferno: 1974 Original Album
16.Main Title5:04
17.An Architect’s Dream3:29
18.Lisolette And Harlee2:35
19.Something For Susan2:45
20.Trapped Lovers4:32
21.We May Never Love Like This Again2:13
22.Susan And Doug2:32
23.The Helicopter Explosion2:51
24.Planting The Charges And Finale10:25
# Pista   Duración
Earthquake: The 1974 Soundtrack Album Recording
1.Main Title, Earthquake2:52
2.Miles On Wheels2:29
3.City Theme2:57
4.Something For Rosa3:18
5.Love Scene2:19
6.The City Sleeps2:34
7.Love Theme2:27
8.Cory In Jeopardy2:24
9.Something For Remy3:49
10.Miles’ Pool Hall2:12
11.Watching And Waiting / Sam’s Rescue2:42
12.Finale, End Title1:50
Earthquake: Album / Single Track (With Sound Effects)
13.Main Title, Earthquake2:57
14.Medley (Watching & Waiting / Miles’ Pool Hall / Sam’s Rescue)3:47
Earthquake: The Film Score Recording
15.Earthquake Main Title2:45
16.A Crack In The Dam2:09
17.Lunch With Remy1:56
18.Something For Rosa (Film Version)3:00
19.Stewart And Denise (Love Scene)2:28
20.Motordrome / Miles On Wheels1:28
21.Jody’s Trophies / Sam's Private Thoughts1:57
23.Chair Lift / Cory In Jeopardy2:46
24.Sam’s Rescue2:32
25.Refugees And Looters1:59
26.Jody Loses Control1:28
27.Jammed Door And The Death Of Jody1:41
28.The Tunnel2:35
29.Washed Away1:30
30.Earthquake End Titles2:18
Earthquake: Additional Music
31.Aftermath (Alternate)0:53
32.Refugees And Looters (Alternate)2:00
33.Earthquake Main Title (Alternate Mix)2:45
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Earthquake (1974)

The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

The Towering Inferno (1974)



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