The Poseidon Adventure / The Towering Inferno / Earthquake
Disaster Movie Soundtrack Collection

La-La Land Records 03/12/2019 CD - 5000 exemplaren

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
The Poseidon Adventure: The Film Score
1.Main Title2:16
2.Rogo And Linda1:37
3.The Big Wave And The Aftermath4:05
4.Raising The Christmas Tree1:32
5.Nonnie And Martin0:54
6.Up The Tree1:12
7.Death’s Door0:56
8.The Upturned Galley1:16
9.The Other Survivors1:37
10.Through The Galley1:15
11.Search For The Engine Room2:52
12.Barber Shoppe1:49
13.Saving Robin1:26
14.The Death Of Belle3:28
15.Hold Your Breath3:09
16.The Red Wheel1:27
17.Rogo Takes Command1:40
18.The Rescue And End Title3:40
The Poseidon Adventure: Additonal Music
19.Main Title (Alternate No. 1)2:02
20.Main Title (Alternate No. 2)2:10
21.The Morning After (Vocal Version 1)Performed by Renee Armand2:10
22.To Love3:14
23.New Year’s Party No. 11:01
24.The Morning After (Vocal Version 2)Performed by Renee Armand2:11
25.New Year’s Party No. 22:13
26.Give Me The Simple Life / A Certain Smile (Medley)1:53
27.Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing1:29
28.The Morning After (Instrumental)2:11
29.Auld Lang SynePerformed by Renee Armand1:37
30.The Morning After(Song From The Poseidon Adventure)Performed by Maureen McGovern2:24
# Track   Lengte
The Towering Inferno: Score Presentation
1.Main Title (Film Version)5:07
2.Something For Susan (Film Version)2:45
3.Lisolette And Harlee (Film Version)2:36
4.The Flame Ignites1:01
5.More For Susan1:57
6.Harlee Dressing1:43
7.Let There Be Light0:54
8.Alone At Last0:53
9.The First Casualty2:09
10.The Elevator Victim1:26
12.Facing The Flames3:33
14.The Rescue Of Angela And The Blocked Door2:16
15.Departmental Pride And The Cat1:03
16.Doug’s Fall And Piggy Back Ride2:31
17.Lisolette’s Descent3:10
18.Down The Pipes1:15
19.Down The Ropes1:23
20.Out Of The Shaft+1:23
21.The Door Opens And The Hot Wire2:56
23.The Mayor’s Wife0:58
24.The Helicopter Explodes2:34
25.Short Goodbyes2:28
27.Lowering The Elevator1:29
28.What Explosion?1:28
29.Passing The Word1:15
30.The Solution2:50
31.Setting The Charges6:32
32.Waking Up2:38
34.An Architect’s Dream / End Cast3:34
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
The Towering Inferno: Additional Music
1.Main Title (Alternate)5:07
2.The Elevator Victim (Alternate)1:26
3.Piggy Back Ride (Alternate)2:03
4.Down The Pipes (Alternate)1:18
5.Short Goodbyes (Alternate)2:13
6.The Solution (Alternate)2:49
7.An Architect’s Dream End Cast (Alternate)3:31
The Towering Inferno: Source Music
8.We May Never Love Like This Again (Film Version)Performed by Maureen McGovern2:07
9.We May Never Love Like This Again / Love Theme3:05
11.You Make Feel So Young2:58
12.The More I See You3:51
13.The Morning After2:09
14.Maggie Shoots Pool2:58
15.The Promenade Room2:37
The Towering Inferno: 1974 Original Album
16.Main Title5:04
17.An Architect’s Dream3:29
18.Lisolette And Harlee2:35
19.Something For Susan2:45
20.Trapped Lovers4:32
21.We May Never Love Like This Again2:13
22.Susan And Doug2:32
23.The Helicopter Explosion2:51
24.Planting The Charges And Finale10:25
# Track   Lengte
Earthquake: The 1974 Soundtrack Album Recording
1.Main Title, Earthquake2:52
2.Miles On Wheels2:29
3.City Theme2:57
4.Something For Rosa3:18
5.Love Scene2:19
6.The City Sleeps2:34
7.Love Theme2:27
8.Cory In Jeopardy2:24
9.Something For Remy3:49
10.Miles’ Pool Hall2:12
11.Watching And Waiting / Sam’s Rescue2:42
12.Finale, End Title1:50
Earthquake: Album / Single Track (With Sound Effects)
13.Main Title, Earthquake2:57
14.Medley (Watching & Waiting / Miles’ Pool Hall / Sam’s Rescue)3:47
Earthquake: The Film Score Recording
15.Earthquake Main Title2:45
16.A Crack In The Dam2:09
17.Lunch With Remy1:56
18.Something For Rosa (Film Version)3:00
19.Stewart And Denise (Love Scene)2:28
20.Motordrome / Miles On Wheels1:28
21.Jody’s Trophies / Sam's Private Thoughts1:57
23.Chair Lift / Cory In Jeopardy2:46
24.Sam’s Rescue2:32
25.Refugees And Looters1:59
26.Jody Loses Control1:28
27.Jammed Door And The Death Of Jody1:41
28.The Tunnel2:35
29.Washed Away1:30
30.Earthquake End Titles2:18
Earthquake: Additional Music
31.Aftermath (Alternate)0:53
32.Refugees And Looters (Alternate)2:00
33.Earthquake Main Title (Alternate Mix)2:45
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Earthquake (1974)

The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

The Towering Inferno (1974)

Disaster Movie Soundtrack Collection: The Poseidon Adventure / The Towering Inferno / Earthquake

Toegevoegd op Zaterdag, 30 November, 2019  

La-La Land Records Black Friday release

La-La Land Records, Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Music, Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Music, Universal Studios, Universal Music Group en Geffen Records brengen als 5de en laatste release in de Black Friday batch van 2019 de Disaster Movie Soundtrack Collection uit. Een 4-CD set met muziek van 3 rampen films waarvoor John Williams de muziek geschreven heeft. The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno en Earthquake. Deze rampenfilms uit de jaren 70 zijn muziekaal volledig gerestaureerd en klinken nu beter dan voorheen. De Towering Inferno staat verspreid over 2 CD's. Je krijgt eerst de film presentatie, dan de extra's en source muziek en als bonus nog de originele soundtrack. Het is de eerste keer dat de originele soundtrack master, welke dateert uit 1974 voor het eerst op CD verkrijgbaar is. De score voor Earthquake is volledig gerestaureerd en geremastered. De muziek is nu voor het eerst verkrijgbaar. In totaal zullen er 5000 exemplaren verkrijgbaar zijn. In totaal bevat deze set 286 minuten muziek.

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