Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2010 | Estreno de película: 1987 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 3000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
1.Fox Logo (Alfred Newman/Arranged by Elliot Goldenthal 1992)0:26
2.Main Title3:52
3.Something Else; Cut ‘Em Down; Payback Time 7:37
4.The Truck 4:23
5.Jungle Trek1:48
6.Girl’s Escape; Blaine’s Death6:40
7.What Happened?2:01
8.He’s My Friend 1:26
9.We’re Gonna Die 3:29
10.Building The Trap3:06
11.The Waiting3:27
12.Can You See Him?4:52
13.Dillon's Death2:05
14.Billy and Predator2:32
15.Dutch Builds Trap9:29
16. Predator Injured; Hand To Hand Combat7:22
17.Predator's Death3:43
18. The Pick-Up And End Credits5:58
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Definitive 1980's classic action soundtrack returns in newly-remastered CD! Presented from recently discovered original two-track digital stereo session master elements, Intrada offers complete score for action music fans everywhere. Alan Silvestri scores legendary John McTierman sci-fi thriller by keeping main adversaries in focus: hulking Arnold Schwarzenegger & formidable Predator. Incredibly muscular score features dynamic main theme over pulsating but deliberately-paced percussion figures, then takes music deep into jungle with colorful motifs, jabbing percussive figures, powerhouse stings from low brass. As numerous battles engage, Silvestri turns orchestra into massive, snarling ensemble of fury! Notes by Julie Kirgo plus original campaign art bring additional punch. Nick Redman produces. Alan Silvestri conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 3000 copies!

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