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(Cd) Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

Walt Disney Records 13/09/2022 CD
Película Estreno de película: 1992


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Arabian NightsBruce Adler1:20
2.Legend of the LampRobin Williams1:25
3.On a Dark Night2:56
4.Diamond In the Rough1:02
5.One Jump AheadBrad Kane2:23
6.Street Urchins1:53
7.One Jump Ahead (Reprise)Brad Kane1:02
8.Intro to Jasmine and Jafar3:52
9.Jasmine Runs Away0:46
13.Aladdin and Jasmine Confront Jafar2:40
15.The Cave of Wonders (Film Version)3:03
16.Search For the Lamp3:43
17.Confiding In Papa0:46
18.Intro to Genie1:56
19.Friend Like MeRobin Williams2:27
20.Provisos and Quid Pro Quo1:12
21.Jafar and Iago Scheme2:09
22.To Be Free (Film Version)4:02
23.Jafar Finds a Solution1:26
24.Prince AliRobin Williams2:52
25.Journeyed From Afar0:46
26.Sultan’s Magic Carpet Ride0:46
27.A Very Impressive Youth2:09
28.Ali Comes Courting2:59
29.A Whole New WorldBrad Kane and Lea Salonga2:40
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.The Kiss1:52
2.Genie Rescues Aladdin2:06
3.Sultan Under a Spell1:21
4.Maniacal Jafar1:32
5.Aladdin’s Word1:52
6.Iago Impersonates Jasmine0:40
7.Jafar’s Hour2:39
8.Prince Ali (Reprise)Jonathan Freeman1:14
9.The Ends Of The Earth1:37
10.Jafar In Charge2:32
11.The Battle3:40
12.Happy End In Agrabah4:17
14.A Whole New World (Aladdin’s Theme)Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle4:07
15.Why Me? (Outtake)Jonathan Freeman3:23
16.Marketplace (Alternate)2:30
17.Dungeon (Alternate)2:05
18.Intro to Carpet (Alternate)1:37
19.Search For the Lamp (Alternate)3:43
20.Jafar and Iago Scheme (Alternate)1:22
21.Make You a Star (Alternate)2:05
22.Happy End In Agrabah (Alternate)3:41
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