Kurt Oldman
Domicilio: United States of America
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Biografía (Biografía sólo disponible en inglés) (updated 2011-08-27)

Kurt Oldman is a Swiss born composer putting his diverse musical talents and outstanding skills to use composing for film, television, video games and new media. Recently nominated for BEST SCORE for his work on Stained, at the Action On Film International Film Festival, Kurt is quickly becoming one of the most sought after composers in the industry.

Kurt studied at the Conservatory of Music in Switzerland, The Swiss Jazz School and at UCLA. He has worked on a wide range of projects, from feature films, video games to branded ring tones, corporate industrials, commercials and episodic television.

Kurt's track record in collaborating on award-winning films is remarkable. His first score in the United States was for the Showtime Award-winning Learning to Swim. His second film, Imagination won BEST FILM at the Tiburon International Film Festival. With his career in full swing, Kurt has since scored over 30 films and over 15 television series - many of his films garnering Best Film awards. His innovative talents have been widely recognized. He received critical acclaim for a number of his film compositions, including Babysitter Wanted, Neighbor and All Along.

While Kurt has a successful career scoring for film and television, he is also passionate composing for well-known brands, working with companies such as: Konami/Cartoon Network, Virgin Mobile, 3M and Monster.com. He is also one of the select composers to have a self-titled CD, 'Homicide by Kurt Oldman', with Universal Music's record label, Killer Tracks.

Kurt lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two cats.