Kevin Riepl
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Biografía (Biografía sólo disponible en inglés) (Actualizado 2013-01-28)

Throughout his many years working in the videogame and film industries, Kevin Riepl has distinguished himself from his peers with his ability to craft engaging atmospheres and rousing scores that not only complement and enhance the numerous videogame, film, and television projects he’s worked on, but are also recognized and praised by gamers and moviegoers alike. His themes range from energetic and rhythmic to emotive to simply macabre and otherworldly, as best demonstrated by his acclaimed score for Microsoft’s top-selling Gears of War franchise. Since 2002, he has steadily gained recognition from fans and critics for his work on the Unreal series, with his work on Gears of War launching him to the forefront of the videogame music world.

Riepl has applied his life-long passion for composition through private studies and a formal musical education at the Mannes College of Music in New York, and has a gained a strong foundation in the music business during his time in the Los Angeles area. As a long time writing partner with television and videogame composer Kevin Manthei and a colleague of renowned composer Michael Giacchino, Riepl stands poised to top his past achievements and looks forward to applying his signature sound to many more projects in the future.