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Scarlet Moon Records 07/29/2021 Download

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# Track   Duration
2.Nightmare's Zenith 
3.A Past Life 
5.Dungeon of the Immortals 
6.Tentative Adventure 
7.The Departure (Exploration) 
8.The Departure (Combat) 
9.Cascades of Wonder 
10.Fear I 
11.Fear II 
12.Fear III 
14.A Fresh Start 
15.Waking (Exploration) 
16.Waking (Conversation) 
17.The Renewal (Exploration) 
18.The Renewal (Combat) 
19.Above the Clouds 
20.Isolation I 
21.Isolation II 
22.Isolation III 
23.The Remembrance (Exploration) 
24.The Remembrance (Combat) 
25.Hidden Memories 
26.Regret I 
27.Regret II 
28.Regret III 
29.The Descent (Exploration) 
30.The Descent (Combat) 
31.Resentment I 
32.Resentment II 
33.Resentment III 
35.The Fracturing (Exploration) 
36.The Fracturing (Combat) 
37.Above the Clouds (Nightmare) 
38.Negativity I 
39.Negativity II 
40.Negativity III 
41.The Return (Exploration) 
42.The Return (Combat) 
43.Cascades of Wonder (Nightmare) 
44.Loss I 
45.Loss II 
46.Loss III 
47.Out of the Dark 
50.Dreamscaper First Demo (Bonus) 
51.The Nightmare Revealed (Reveal Trailer) 
52.The Nightmare Lives (Gameplay Trailer) 
53.The Nightmare Begins (Early Access Trailer) 
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