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Aetheric Odyssey
Lore & Legacy Original Soundtrack

Roman Heuser 07/08/2021 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Sights of Empyrea (Lore & Legacy Main Theme)3:49
2.Patera: The Crater City3:02
3.The Free-Lancers' Guild: Oath of Adventure3:35
4.Contested Territories: Heart of Enelysion3:32
5.The Ardan Federation (Human Theme)3:20
6.The Adulys Republic (Aelfyn Theme)3:27
7.The Great Lakes Coalition (Dakti Theme)3:03
8.The Plains of Apad˘mak (Orc Theme)3:18
9.The Hanging Citadels (Agamid Theme)3:15
10.The Ekkaim Empire: The Black Wings of Death3:24
11.Astarite Ruins: Remnants of a Lost Past3:17
12.Scarred Lands: The Raider Hordes3:03
13.Dragon Attack: Sin of a Forgotten War3:48
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