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2021 Remastered Version

Camille 3000 05/07/2021 Download
Movie Film release: 1962

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# Track   Duration
1.Mafioso (Titoli) (Remastered)3:14
2.Motorbike Surf (Remastered)3:09
3.Viaggio nel passato (Remastered)1:13
4.Shoe Shine Samba (Remastered)2:21
5.Ricordi (Remastered)2:20
6.Famiglia felice (Remastered)0:29
7.Ritorno in Sicilia (Remastered)1:18
8.Calamo (Remastered)2:35
9.Fantasmi nella mente (Remastered)0:40
10.Mafioso (Remastered)1:27
11.Americana (Remastered)0:45
12.Famiglia felice (2) (Remastered)2:51
13.Costa Siciliana (Remastered)1:33
14.Mambo (Remastered)2:13
15.Madrigale (Remastered)4:35
16.Incubi oscuri (Remastered)3:57
17.Americana (2) (Remastered)1:30
18.Mafioso (2) (Remastered)2:06
19.Whispering (Remastered)2:08
20.Il Delitto (Remastered)1:03
21.Mafioso (Finale) (Remastered)2:21
22.Mafioso (3) (Remastered)3:16
23.Calamo (2) (Remastered)2:35
24.Shoe Shine Samba (Remastered)2:18
25.Il Delitto (2) (Remastered)3:04
26.Whispering (2) (Remastered)2:09
27.Americana (3) (Remastered)1:20
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