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Shenmue III - Vol. 1: Bailu Village
The Definitive Soundtrack

Brave Wave 04/09/2021 Vinyl (4589753350908)

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Shenmue ThemePiano 
2.Shenhua -Sedge Flower (Original Version) 
3.Hide & Seek 
4.Village Legend 
5.With The Earth 
6.Shenhua's Song 
8.Look To The Sky 
# Track   Duration
1.The Place Where The Sun Sets-Version 2 
4.Secret Of A Warehouse 
5.A Lovely Maiden 
6.The Bell Tower 
# Track   Duration
1.Father's Letter 
2.Chasing Memories 
4.Secret Room 
5.Seeking Truth 
6.Hermit's Nest 
7.Pastoral Village 
8.Serene Nights 
# Track   Duration
1.Mother's Cooking 
2.Max Bet 
4.Path Of The Strong 
6.Crucial Fight 
7.Bailu Chan 
# Track   Duration
1.For Tomorrow 
3.Ox In Tow 
4.Over Fields, Over Mountains 
5.Indian Summer 
7.When Young 
# Track   Duration
1.Hilly Path 
2.Grand Macau 
3.Paying A Call To A Stonemason 
4.Sunrise Hills 
5.It Begins 
6.Old Man & Old Temple 
7.Fever 1 
8.Fever 2 
# Track   Duration
1.Song For An Auspicious Journey 
2.Not Even A Moment 
3.Rush Time 
4.The Villager Blues 
5.An Unknown Past 
6.Village Variety Store 
7.Late Dinner 
8.Plum Season 
9.Sentiment Within 
10.Main Theme-Kokyu Solo 
# Track   Duration
1.Traces Of Father 
2.A Mother's Wish 
3.One Battle To The Next 
4.Hidden Path 
5.Looming Phantom 
7.Secret Mission 
8.Long For Home 
9.The Village Fortune Teller 
10.The Stonemason's House 
11.Elder Of The Old Temple 
# Track   Duration
2.Ransacked House 
3.Old House 
4.Village Outskirts 
6.Hostage's Whereabouts 
8.The Place Where The Sun Sets-Piano Version 
# Track   Duration
1.Bedtime 2 
2.Rise And Shine 
3.A Bad Dream 
5.Battle Rally Opening 
6.Battle Rally 
7.Wacky Shot 1 
8.Wacky Shot 2 
9.Wacky Shot 3 
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