Hard Ticket to Hawaii: An Andy Sidaris Film

Enjoy The Ride Records 12/11/2020 Download
Movie Film release: 1987

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# Track   Duration
1.Sunset (Gary Stockdale)0:59
2.String Em Up (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)0:34
3.Scenery (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)0:18
4.Main Title Hard Ticket to Hawaii (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)2:40
5.Morning Shower (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)0:52
6.Snake (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)0:16
7.Song Hard Ticket to Hawaii (Kevin Klingler)2:55
8.Killer (Gary Stockdale)0:34
9.Chang (Gary Stockdale)0:34
10.Getaway (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)1:00
11.Duel in the Sun (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)1:02
12.Cutting the Lines (Gary Stockdale)0:50
13.Ice (Gary Stockdale)2:21
14.Love on the Beach (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)1:59
15.Skates (Gary Stockdale)0:24
16.Skates Shooting (Gary Stockdale)0:53
17.Michelle or Michael (Gary Stockdale)1:11
18.Captured (Gary Stockdale)0:44
19.What Sumo (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)0:11
20.Travelin' (Gary Stockdale)0:32
21.Snake Shots (Gary Stockdale)0:27
22.Right On (Gary Stockdale)0:36
23.Bad Guys House (Gary Stockdale)0:11
24.Rosie (Gary Stockdale0:48
25.With a Kiss (Gary Stockdale)0:48
26.Rowdy Love (Gary Stockdale)2:16
27.Seth and Chang (Gary Stockdale)1:07
28.Getting Loaded (Gary Stockdale)1:02
29.Frisbee Too (Gary Stockdale & Kevin Klingler)0:26
30.Frisbee (Gary Stockdale)0:32
31.Rowdy Raiders (Gary Stockdale)1:05
32.Stormin' the Fort (Gary Stockdale)0:59
33.Life's a Bitch (Gary Stockdale)0:58
34.Then You Die (Gary Stockdale)1:06
35.Explosion (Gary Stockdale)1:12
36.Job Well Done (Gary Stockdale)0:18
37.We Forgot Seth (Gary Stockdale)0:18
38.Seth Returns (Gary Stockdale)1:40
39.Seth Also Rises (Gary Stockdale)0:19
40.Seth Tries Again (Gary Stockdale)1:18
41.Bathroom Break (Gary Stockdale)0:43
42.Seth Croaks (Gary Stockdale)1:35
43.Snake Bites (Gary Stockdale)1:26
44.Limo Party (Gary Stockdale)0:39
45.Visit to Chang (Gary Stockdale)0:49
46.Chang Bang (Gary Stockdale)0:42
47.True Love (Gary Stockdale)0:30
48.On the Express (Gary Stockdale)1:13
49.Song Hard Ticket (feat. Bob Moore) (Gary Stockdale)3:11
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