Movie | Release date: 08/14/2012 | Film release: 2012 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Zombie Attack in the Eighties 
2.Norman at the Piano/Main Title 
3.Normans Walk 
4.Alvin Attacks 
5.Enter Neil/Mr P/Ghost Walk/Ghost Dog 
6.Goodbye Mr P/Historic Drama/Grounded/Heavy Visitation 
7.Alvin Again/Scary Bedroom 
8.Norman Tries to Keep It Cool/ Grandmas Got Your Back 
9.Moth Rock 
10.The Dead Shall Be Raised 
11.Zombies Attack 
12.People Attack 
13.Are We There Yet? 
14.Aggie Fights 
16.Oh, and One More Thing 
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ParaNorman - 06/10 - Review of Chris R., submitted at
Your ability to like this score will depend on several factors, the first being if you can handle a very superb sound design that works wonders on screen, but its transition onto soundtrack is very irritating. It also depends on if you enjoy the cheesy techno undertones and effects that of the 80's. Paranorman is a score which, much like Coraline is a technical marvel. Seemingly blending a very sophisticated sound design along with orchestral music is no easy feet. The score much like movie, is intended to be a parody of the cheesy 80's zombie movies. That is the only real seller for the score, for as down to earth as Norman's theme is, it really isn't that motivated and goes no where through the album. The orchestral music comes complete with the standard stingers that one comes to expect from a horror score, and while it does go nicely with the synth, it lacks any real direction. It is funny because as good as the narrative of the movie is, the score seems to lack any narrative what so ever. Very little thematicism is a big detriment to the score, and while Coraline suffered the same, there was more going on in the score and ingenuity was key. This score could easily be slapped on to one of the Sci-Fi channel movies, and it would still worked perfectly. The score does contain highlights but it really is a matter of taste to some, and for me, I do love a good cheesy zombie movie.

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