Luna The Shadow Dust

Records DK 02/13/2020 Download

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# Track   Duration
2.A Boy from the Sky0:36
3.Outside the Tower1:05
4.Entering the Tower0:31
5.Under the Eye of the Divine2:00
6.Light and Dark1:45
7.Isolation, the Theme of ‹ri2:21
8.The Balcony1:16
9.‹ri Meets Layh0:45
10.The Cellar3:44
11.Master Chef3:10
12.The Music Hall2:30
13.Group Performance1:11
14.Shadow Ninja1:44
15.The Separation1:52
16.‹ri's Room3:20
17.Childhood Memory5:51
18.The Islands3:48
19.A Way Back0:37
20.Pipe and Maze2:34
22.Tales of the Moon Guardians2:12
23.Seasons in the Garden3:14
24.The Library3:01
25.Into the Ancient Wisdom2:46
26.The Time Traveller2:30
27.Layh's Room2:15
28.The Clock Tower4:04
29.The Last Climb2:36
30.The Accident7:20
31.The Sacrifice3:41
33.The New Apprentice1:44
34.LUNA The Shadow Dust (feat. Rotem Moav)2:21
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