Hot-Blooded Youth: Wild Bunch

WM China 01/23/2020 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Hot Blooded Youth2:45
2.The Theme of Qian Wu1:24
4.The Theme of Baitie Qian1:41
5.Sparrow Tune1:38
6.Wan Shu Competition1:36
7.Revenge Against Hongyi1:04
9.The Secret of Qingzhou He1:18
10.Sneak Into Forces of Darkness2:27
11.Four Season Prisons1:38
12.Battle in Jail1:40
13.Rescue Qian Wu1:09
15.Pounding Heart2:10
16.Hunting the Wanted Men1:18
18.Question Baitie Qian2:49
19.A Contradiction Gradually Comes Out3:00
20.Mr. He is Under House Arrest2:39
21.Love Confession Rejected2:02
22.Animosity Between Brothers1:32
23.The Death of Chengfeng Wei4:43
24.Pain Of Losing A Friend2:43
26.Sorrowful Departure3:06
27.Die A Heroic Death3:42
28.The Outlook2:00
29.A Bully In A Shanty Town1:35
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