Samurai Shodown

Wayō Records 11/29/2019 CD (3516628307423)

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# Track   Duration
1.Oneself (Opening) 
2.Sturm und Drang (Main Menu) 
3.The Sixteen Challengers pt. 1 (Character Select 1) 
4.Prologue Demo 
5.Stone Marker (Map Screen) 
6.Way of the Overlord (Haohmaru) 
7.Waltz of Nature (Nakoruru) 
8.The Crow (Yashamaru Kurama) 
9.Divine Punishment (Hanzo Hattori) 
10.Winner Demo 1 
11.Deathmatch Conclusion (Result Screen) 
12.Seafarer’s Paradise (Darli Dagger) 
13.San-San (Wu-Ruixiang) 
14.Fin of Invincibility (Galford) 
15.Hazy Moon (Ukyo Tachibana) 
16.Interim Demo 1 
18.Here Comes a New Challenger 
19.Harmonious Rock Rhyming Six Sentences Remix (Tutorial) 
20.Dojo 1 
21.Dojo 2 
22.Dojo 3 
23.Festive Colors (Simple Credits) 
# Track   Duration
1.The Sixteen Challengers pt. 2 (Character Select 2) 
2.Zagashira (Kyoshiro Senryo) 
3.Bamboo Grove Village (Jubei Yagyu) 
4.Indigenous No. 2 (Tam Tam) 
5.French Lady (Charlotte) 
6.Interim Demo 2 
7.Onibayashi (Genjuro Kibagami) 
8.Way of the Crook (Earthquake) 
9.Pulsation (Shiki) 
10.Iki (Yoshitora Tokugawa) 
11.Winner Demo 2 
12.Fateful Encounter (Intro) 
13.Fateful Encounter (Battle) 
14.Boss Intro 
15.Shizuka Sennen Zakura (Map Screen) 
16.Dance of Evil Spirits -Part Ⅰ- (Shizuka Gozen) 
17.Final Boss Transformation 
18.Dance of Evil Spirits -Part Ⅱ- (Shizuka Gozen) 
19.Final Boss Defeat 
20.The After Stories (Epilogue Demo) 
21.Revive the Soul (End Credits) 
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