Madame White Snake

CINK 04/29/2019 CD
Movie Film release: 1956

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title (M1) 
2.Encounter with Bai Niang (M2) 
3.Morning of Joy (M3) 
4.Bai Niang's Mansion (M4) 
5.Xu Xian and Bai Niang (M5) 
6.Red Silk of Promise (M5A) 
7.Bai Niang's Determination (M6) 
8.Bai Niang in the Abandoned House (M7) 
9.Xu Xian to Suzhou (M8) 
10.Bai Niang Appeared (M9) 
11.United Couple (M10 + M1) 
12.Maoshan Road Man (M11) 
13.Bai Niang's Plan (M12) 
14.The Amulet and Bai Niang (M13) 
15.Xu Xian's Regret (M14 + M1) 
16.The Spell vs. Taoism (M15) 
17.Dragon Boat Festival (M16) 
18.Bai Niang's True Identity (M17) 
19.Xianweng and Bai Niang (M18 + EX-24) 
20.Xi Xian's Fear (M19) 
21.Bai Niang's Return (M20) 
22.Jinshan Temple (M21T1) 
23.Madame White's Witchcraft (M22) 
24.Bai Niang's Defeat (M23) 
25.Bai Niang's Devotion (M24 + Kokyū T2) 
26.Ending (M25) 
# Track   Duration
1.Beautiful White Bird 
2.United Couple (M10) 
3.Xu Xian's Regret (M14) 
4.Xianweng and Bai Niang (M18) 
5.Bai Niang to Xianjing (EX-24) 
6.Jinshan Temple (M21T2) 
7.Bai Niang's Devotion (M24) 
8.Pearl (Kokyū 1 · 2) 
9.Ending (M25) 
10.Sound Effect 1 (Rain) 
11.Sound Effect 2 (Door · Bell) 
12."Musashi Miyamoto" 1 
13."Musashi Miyamoto" 2 
14."Son Goku" 1 
15."Son Goku" 2 
16."Son Goku" 3 
17."Son Goku" 4 
18."Gen and Fudō Myō-ō" 1 
19."Gen and Fudō Myō-ō" 2 
20."Gen and Fudō Myō-ō" 3 
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