Michael Huang Game Music: Casual Games, Vol.I

Michael Huang 08/12/2019 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Casual Game 1: Main Menu0:50
2.Casual Game 1: Map Screen0:48
3.Casual Game 1: Tutorial1:29
4.Casual Game 1: Stage Select0:55
5.Casual Game 1: Gameplay 10:50
6.Casual Game 1: Gameplay 24:22
7.Casual Game 1: Score Display1:15
8.Casual Game 2: Main Title0:48
9.Casual Game 2: Gameplay 1 Country1:10
10.Casual Game 2: Gameplay 2 Playful 11:09
11.Casual Game 2: Gameplay 3 Playful 21:05
12.Casual Game 4: Stage Select0:40
13.Casual Game:Mi
14.Casual Game 4: Gameplay Playful1:55
15.Casual Puzzle: Professor Fizzwizzle 2 (Main Theme)1:01
16.Casual Puzzle: Professor Fizzwizzle 2 (Story Screen)0:34
17.Casual Puzzle: Professor Fizzwizzle 2 (Map Screen)0:37
18.Casual Puzzle: Professor Fizzwizzle 2 (Gameplay 1)4:42
19.Casual Puzzle: Professor Fizzwizzle 2 (Gameplay 2)4:34
20.Casual Puzzle: Professor Fizzwizzle 2 (Gameplay 3)4:01
21.Casual Puzzle: Spacebound (Title Theme)2:20
22.Casual Puzzle: Spacebound (Friendship Theme)1:29
23.Casual Puzzle: Spacebound (Gameplay)2:09
24.Casual Puzzle: Spacebound (Cairo Stage)2:08
25.Casual Puzzle: Spacebound (London Stage)2:16
26.Casual Puzzle: Spacebound (New York Stage)2:07
27.Casual Puzzle: Spacebound (Tokyo Stage)2:20
28.Casual Puzzle: Tino's Fruitstand (Title Theme)1:46
29.Casual Puzzle: Tino's Fruitstand (Story)2:05
30.Casual Puzzle: Tino's Fruitstand (Story Good)1:01
31.Casual Puzzle: Tino's Fruitstand (Story Good 2)1:15
32.Casual Puzzle: Tino's Fruitstand (Gameplay 1)1:38
33.Casual Puzzle: Tino's Fruitstand (Gameplay 2)1:41
34.Casual Puzzle: Tino's Fruitstand (Gameplay 3)1:44
35.Casual Puzzle: Dweep (Main Title)0:34
36.Casual Puzzle: Dweep (Stage 1)2:41
37.Casual Puzzle: Dweep (Stage 2)2:13
38.Casual Puzzle: Dweep (Stage 3)2:13
39.Casual Puzzle: Dweep (Stage 4)2:26
40.Casual Puzzle: Dweep (Stage 5)3:26
41.Casual Fantasy: Title Theme1:35
42.Casual Fantasy: Stage Select0:38
43.Casual Fantasy: Stage 15:49
44.Casual Fantasy: Stage 25:06
45.Casual Fantasy: Stage 34:52
46.Casual Fantasy: Stage 45:05
47.Casual Fantasy: Stage 56:13
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