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Film Music - piano versions

TV Kids United 03/18/2019 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Spiderman (Intro) (piano version)0:59
2.TaleSpin (Intro) (piano version)0:51
3.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (piano version)1:06
4.Alfred Jodocus Kwak (Intro) (piano version)1:40
5.We Go Together (from "The Secret Life of Pets") (piano version)1:25
6.Arthur (Theme) (piano version)1:03
7.Barbapapa (piano version)1:43
8.The Batman First Intro (piano version)0:51
9.Blues Clues (Theme) (piano version)1:40
10.Care Bears (piano version)1:57
11.Sesame Street (piano version)1:04
12.Inspector Gadget (Intro) (piano version)1:14
13.Elmos World (Intro) (piano version)1:07
14.The Real Ghostbusters (piano version)1:03
15.If I Knew You Were Comin’ I’d’ve Baked a Cake (Sesame Street) (piano version)1:25
16.Lucky Luke (Bang-Bang Lucky Luke) (piano version)1:37
17.Sinbad the Sailor (piano version)1:47
18.Rubber Ducky (Sesame Street) (piano version)1:52
19.Sesame Street (Theme) (piano version)1:06
20.Spongebob Squarepants (Theme) (piano version)0:56
21.Bananas in Pyjamas (Theme) (piano version)1:33
22.Thomas the Tank Engine (piano version)1:22
23.Veggie Tales (piano version)1:17
24.Winnie Puuh (piano version)1:14
25.Little Einsteins (piano version)0:59
26.Backyardigans (Intro) (piano version)0:59
27.Clifford The Big Red Dog (Intro) (piano version)1:01
28.Fairly Odd Parents (Theme) (piano version)0:57
29.Fraggle Rock (Intro) (piano version)1:00
30.Justice League (Intro) (piano version)1:04
31.Krypto The Superdog (piano version)1:01
32.Lilo&Stitch (Intro) (piano version)0:55
33.Original Ghostbusters (Theme) (piano version)4:02
34.Rugrats (Intro) (piano version)1:26
35.Franny's Feet (piano version)0:46
36.TaleSpin (Maintheme) (piano version)2:14
37.Teen Titans (piano version)1:08
38.The Muppet Show (piano version)1:10
39.The Proud Family (piano version)0:46
40.I Love You (Barney & Friends) (piano version)1:04
41.Fireman Sam (piano version)1:11
42.Barney & Friends (Theme) (piano version)1:07
43.Bob The Builder (piano version)0:55
44.Laura's Star (piano version)1:47
45.The Best Day Ever (Spongebob Squarepants) (piano version)3:04
46.Benjamin the Elephant (piano version)1:37
47.Bubble Guppies (Theme) (piano version)1:17
48.Dance To Your Daddy (piano version)1:12
49.Dora The Explorer (piano version)0:47
50.Horsey Horsey (piano version)2:56
51.Sid the Science Kid (piano version)0:55
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