Game of Thrones: Timelines

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# Track   Duration
1.The Children of The Forest2:27
3.Army of The Undead2:41
4.The Long Night4:57
5.Azor Ahai2:33
6.Castle Black2:14
7.Bran The Builder2:21
8.House Bolton4:01
9.House Lannister4:17
11.The Citadel2:47
12.The King in The North3:45
14.The Andal Invasion2:58
16.House Targaryen4:11
17.The Dothraki2:51
18.House Martell2:46
19.Aegon The Conqueror2:28
20.The Iron Throne4:32
21.The Red Keep3:24
22.House Baratheon2:10
24.King's Landing1:33
25.The Faith Militant2:52
26.The Dance of Dragons2:26
27.The Conquest of Dorne2:45
28.The Blackfyre Rebellions3:24
29.Battle of Redgrass Field3:17
30.The Mad King4:29
31.Rhaegar and Lyanna Theme3:24
32.Robert's Rebellion1:56
33.The Battle of The Trident2:50
34.The Battle of King's Landing4:22
35.A King Falls1:17
36.Stannis Baratheon2:10
37.Ser Arthur Dayne2:02
38.Catelyn Stark1:35
39.A Song of Ice And Fire1:28
40.The Unburnt4:46
42.Ned Stark Epilogue0:33
43.The War of The Five Kings4:12
44.Bronn The Sellsword2:11
45.Talisa and Robb0:56
46.The Faceless Man3:26
47.A Feast For Crows3:08
48.Euron Greyjoy3:45
50.The House of Black And White2:43
51.Greyworm and Missandei2:27
52.Ramsey Bolton2:16
53.Hodor's Sacrifice2:23
54.Bran and The Cave3:51
55.Mother of Dragons2:03
56.Prophecy of Kings4:02
57.Samwell Tarley2:33
58.The Battle of Winterfell4:40
59.Jon and Daenerys2:42
60.Wearing The Crown5:29
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