Mega Man 11

The Greatest Bits 11/09/2018 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Mega Man 11 Theme2:51
2.Impact Man (from "Mega Man 11")3:34
3.Fuse Man (from "Mega Man 11")3:08
4.Bounce Man (from "Mega Man 11")2:26
5.Blast Man (from "Mega Man 11")2:36
6.Tundra Man (from "Mega Man 11")2:48
7.Block Man Stage (from "Mega Man 11")3:24
8.Acid Man (from "Mega Man 11")3:11
9.Torch Man (from "Mega Man 11")3:16
10.Dr. Wily Stage (from "Mega Man 11")2:52
11.Boss Theme (from "Mega Man 11")3:02
12.Boss 2 Theme (Wily Stage) (from "Mega Man 11")2:32
13.Boss 3 Theme (Wily Machine) (from "Mega Man 11")2:14
14.Stage Select 1 Theme (from "Mega Man 11")3:08
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