Femmine Insaziabili

Easy Tempo 1999 CD (8019991210314)

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.I Want It AllLara Saint Paul3:21
2.Autostrada per Los Angeles1:39
3.Sguardi teneri4:24
4.I Want It All2:34
5.Notte inquieta3:03
6.Nostalgia di un incontro3:38
8.I tuoi sospiri2:58
10.I Want It All2:28
11.Sguardi teneri (Alt.)2:15
12.Fuori dal tempo2:58
13.I Want It All3:03
14.A un passo dal pericolo2:06
15.Senza titolo3:39
16.Drive In2:34
17.Senza titolo3:52
18.Nostalgia di un incontro (Alt.)3:30
19.Sguardi teneri (Alt. n°2)1:54
20.I Want It All1:48
21.Senza titolo2:40
23.I Want It AllLara Saint Paul3:14
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Femmine Insaziabili - 10/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at
This jewel of a Bruno Nicolai score was originally released way back in 1970, on the small independent Italian label Ariete. Ariete released only a handful of soundtracks and in general terms, did not seem to be active in the market for a great length of time. Their other releases included, THEY CALL ME TRINITY, 5 SONS OF DOGS, THE 5 MAN ARMY and SEASON OF SENSES to name but a handful.Plus they also released two LP,s that were compilations of film music called COLONNA SONORA, these included some pretty rare and interesting material including one track from the Pregadio/Micalizzi western THE GUN MEN OF THE AVE MARIA and a solitary cue from Riz Ortolani;s CIAKMULL-MAN OF VENGEANCE. Both of which had not been available until the label released the compilation, whether these compilations were commercial releases or not I am not sure.

THE INSATIABLE's or FEMINNE INSAZIABILLI, as it was originally entitled, is truly a classic Italian soundtrack, fusing jazz styles, big band moments and also lots of easy listening and cool sounding music cues. Bruno Nicolai certainly excelled himself when scoring this low budget thriller, using many of the trademarks that we associate with his fellow Italian Maestro Ennio Morricone. There are bossa nova compositions and a number of sensual and beautiful wordless vocals by the first lady of Italian film music Edda Dell Orso.
The opening track, I WANT IT ALL, sets the mood of the score perfectly with a strong, driving vocal by singer Lara Saint Paul being supported and punctuated by a catchy pop track which utilises brass, female vocals performed in unison with soaring strings as a backing and a hard hitting percussion arrangement supported by more strings that flow along with ease. Nicolai's masterful and haunting soundtrack is a veritable smorgasbord of theme-matic material, and it's hard to believe that these wonderful themes all hail from one score.
Track number three, SGUARDI TENERI, is a particular favourite of mine, an almost 5 minute piece in which Nicolai again utilises the voice of Edda, this time supported by an easy going down tempo bossa nova interspersed with harpsichord and a light and cheeky sounding electric organ (at times played in unison with the female vocal, creating an almost eerie effect). Track four is also worth a mention, as this is the first fully instrumental version of the films principal theme I WANT IT ALL, with Saint Paul's vocals being substituted with Edda's laid back and sensual voice.
The CD is presented very well by Easy Tempo, including a colourful set of stills from the movie, and an inlay booklet which opens out into a mini version of the films publicity poster. Sound quality is for the best part of the release excellent, although there are a few tracks which suffer slightly from a little distortion (but not to the extent that it spoils the listeners enjoyment). It contains 23 tracks, which adds up to 8 more than on the Ariete LP. It is a highly desirable soundtrack but, unfortunately, one that sadly is difficult to acquire and carries a fairly hefty price tag. It was also issued by Easy Tempo as a double LP with a gatefold cover (et 929 dlp), which is even rarer to find nowadays. I would recommend if you see this soundtrack that you buy it, even with it being so expensive.
A true classic from the world of Italian film music....


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