Deep Love: A Ghostly Rock Opera
Live at the Colonial Theater

Deep Love Opera 02/14/2018 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Act I Overture (Live)0:59
2.Deep Love (Live) (feat. Jon Peter Lewis)2:41
3.Keep My Hand Above You (Live) (feat. Jon Peter Lewis & Melanie Stone)4:58
4.Friedrich's Groove (Live) (feat. Garrett Sherwood & Amy Whitcomb)3:22
5.Who We Are (Live) (feat. Amy Whitcomb)1:21
6.Believe in Love (Live) (feat. Garrett Sherwood & Melanie Stone)3:46
7.Heaven Help Me (Live) (feat. Melanie Stone)2:41
8.Am I Mad? (Live) (feat. Garrett Sherwood & Melanie Stone)3:44
9.All for Love (Live) (feat. Amy Whitcomb & Garrett Sherwood)4:17
10.Surely Reclaimed (Live) (feat. Garrett Sherwood)3:21
11.How It Feels (Live) (feat. Garrett Sherwood & Melanie Stone)3:13
12.Love's Bitter Reproach (Live) (feat. Jon Peter Lewis, Melanie Stone & Garrett Sherwood)7:13
13.Act II Overture (Live)2:03
14.For the Sake of Love (Live) (feat. Melanie Stone, Jon Peter Lewis & Garrett Sherwood)4:19
15.Fairest of Friends (Live) (feat. Jon Peter Lewis & Garrett Sherwood)4:38
16.Constance Be Gone (Live) (feat. Garrett Sherwood)4:34
17.'Tween Me and the Breeze (Live) (feat. Melanie Stone, Jon Peter Lewis & Amy Whitcomb)5:11
18.The Ruse of Old Bones (Live) (feat. Jon Peter Lewis & Amy Whitcomb)4:13
19.Deep Love Reprise (Live)2:45
20.Sour Rain (Live) (feat. Amy Whitcomb & Melanie Stone)3:08
21.The Great Ghostly Pickle (Live) (feat. Jon Peter Lewis, Garrett Sherwood, Amy Whitcomb & Melanie Stone)6:33
22.The Chant of the Dead (Live) (feat. Jon Peter Lewis, Melanie Stone, Garrett Sherwood & Amy Whitcomb)4:38
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