Dark City

Uppm - Koka media 02/05/2018 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Suddenly Changed ForeverAlexandre Prodhomme / Eddy de Datsu1:58
2.Dissident BirthAlexandre Prodhomme / Eddy de Datsu1:36
3.Invincible ThundercloudEric Chevalier2:40
4.BrutalityLaurent Levesque1:04
5.Organization NeededMichael Dune / William Alexander2:21
6.Desolation SightEric Chevalier2:58
7.Devastated StreetsMichaŽl Dune / Antoine Heid2:35
8.Dark CityEric Chevalier2:06
9.Do Not Trust AnyoneJulien Bourriaux2:42
10.Unsecured PeaceEric Chevalier2:18
11.Stomach PainMichaŽl Dune / William Alexander2:12
12.Learn Self-ConfidenceMichaŽl Dune / Antoine Heid2:24
13.Stealth City RideMichaŽl Dune / Antoine Heid2:28
14.Hidden and ScaredMichaŽl Dune / William Alexander1:51
15.Resistance Strikes BackJulien Bourriaux2:07
16.Approach the GoalAlexandre Prodhomme / Eddy de Datsu1:16
17.Stay FocusedAlexandre Prodhomme / Eddy de Datsu1:37
18.Army of GhostsMichaŽl Dune / William Alexander1:01
19.Remember the SunAlexandre Prodhomme / Eddy de Datsu2:31
20.Finding PeaceEric Chevalier2:14
21.Never Look BackAlexandre Prodhomme / Eddy de Datsu1:59
22.Dissident RunMichaŽl Dune / William Alexander2:00
23.Traveling Through SadnessMichaŽl Dune / William Alexander2:27
24.Leave It ForeverLe Fat Club / Josselin Bordat2:15
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