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# Track   Duration
1.1M1 Limo Driving-Idea 12:09
2.1M1 Limo Driving-Idea 22:45
3.1M1 Limo Driving-Idea 3 (Film Version)2:25
4.1M1 Limo Driving-Idea 3 (Album Version)2:23
5.1M2 Laura To Pearce0:59
6.1M3 Driving To Mexico (Film Version)1:45
7.1M3 Driving To Mexico (Alternate #1)1:27
8.1M3 Driving To Mexico (Alternate #2)1:26
9.1M4 Carrying Charles0:35
10.1M5 Old Man Logan (Film Version)2:40
11.1M5 Old Man Logan (Alternate)2:47
12.1M6 Liberty Hotel (Original Version)0:55
13.1M6 Liberty Hotel (Film Version)1:06
14.1M6 Liberty Hotel (Alternate)1:04
15.1M7 Gabriella Falls1:02
16.1M8 Taking The Job0:57
17.2M9 Finding Gabriella2:28
18.2M10 Laura Appears0:37
19.2M11A That Is Not A Choo Choo (Film Version)2:14
20.2M11A That Is Not A Choo Choo (Alternate)2:14
21.2M11B The Grim Reavers (Film Version)1:29
22.2M11B The Grim Reavers (Alternate)1:41
23.2M12A Feral Tween (Film Version)3:27
24.2M12A Feral Tween (Alternate #1)3:41
25.2M12A Feral Tween (Alternate #2)3:42
26.2M12B El Limo-Nator-Part 1 (Film Version)2:30
27.2M12B El Limo-Nator-Part 1 (Alternate #1)2:31
28.2M12B El Limo-Nator-Part 1 (Alternate #2)2:31
29.2M12B El Limo-Nator-Part 20:39
30.2M13 Dragging Out Calaban1:34
31.2M14 Lightly Seared White Calaban1:00
32.2M15 Gabriellaís Video-Part 12:07
33.3M16A Gabriellaís Video-Part 21:41
34.3M16B Night Drive1:12
35.3M17 Hotel Room1:10
36.3M17B Blast2:01
37.3M18 Fleeing Casino1:04
38.3M19 Caliban Watches Dr. Arrive0:54
39.3M20 Calming The Horses (Film Version)0:42
40.3M20 Calming The Horses (Alternate)0:45
41.4M21A Sans Roux Bees (Film Version)0:48
42.4M21A Sans Roux Bees (Alternate)1:23
43.4M21 What Life Looks Like2:45
44.4M21R What Life Looks Like (Film Version)2:31
45.4M22A Goodnight Moon2:01
46.4M22B Farm Attack (Film Version)3:48
47.4M22B Farm Attack (Album Version)4:20
48.4M22C Logan Vs. X-24-Part 1 (Film Version)4:07
49.4M22C Logan Vs. X-24-Part 1 (Alternate #1)5:15
50.4M22C Logan Vs. X-24-Part 1 (Alternate #2)4:52
51.5M23 Drive To Burial-Version 11:01
52.5M23 Drive To Burial-Version 21:05
53.5M24 Passing Out0:40
54.5M25 Morgue1:23
55.5M26 Finding Photo0:25
56.5M27 Laura Drives (Film Version)1:29
57.5M27 Laura Drives (Alternate)1:28
58.5M28 Pulling Logan Up1:53
59.5M29 Logan Closes His Eyes0:39
60.5M30 Bullet And Drone0:57
61.5M31 Campfire Friends (Film Version)2:13
62.5M31 Campfire Friends (Alternate)2:14
63.6M32 Last Night (Film Version)3:26
64.6M32 Last Night (Alternate)3:17
65.6M33 Logan Injects (Film Version)4:41
66.6M33 Logan Injects (Alternate)4:53
67.6M34 Logan Vs. X-24-Part 2 (Film Version)4:35
68.6M34 Logan Vs. X-24-Part 2 (Alternate)5:34
69.6M35ORIG No More Guns In The Valley2:23
70.6M35ALT Donít Be What They Made You (Film Version)2:18
71.6M35ALT Donít Be What They Made You (Alternate)2:06
72.6M36 X Marks The Plot (Film Version)1:31
73.6M36ALT X Marks The Plot (Alternate #1)1:32
74.6M36ALT X Marks The Plot (Alternate #2)1:30
75.6M36ALT X Marks The Plot (Alternate #3)1:09
76.7M1 Eternum Jazzum3:36
77.7M2 Loco Logan (End Crawl 1)1:23
78.7M3 Eternum (End Crawl 2)4:06
79.7M4 Muchachos Muy Malo3:16
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