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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Complete Score

Bootleg 2011 Download
Movie Film release: 2011

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# Track   Duration
2.The Courtroom V1 
3.The Courtroom V2 
4.The Courtroom V3 
5.Paddy Wagon (New Intro) 
6.Paddy Wagon V1 
7.Paddy Wagon V2 
8.Paddy Wagon Sting 
9.Palace Courtyard 
10.Creampuff-King’s Entrance 
11.Barbossa’s Entrance 
12.Jack’s Escape V1 
13.Jack’s Escape V2 
14.Imposter Swordfight V2 
15.Imposter Swordfight 
16.Meet Angelica-Jack & Angelica Bicker V2 
17.Meet Angelica-Jack & Angelica Bicker 
18.British Attack V1 
19.British Attack V2 
20.Gibbs Burns Map 
21.Aboard The QAR 
22.First Mate Is A Her-The Prophecy 
23.Carriage Chase 
24.Filthy Pirate 
25.Barbossa Seeks Heading 
26.Spanish Ignore Barbossa 
27.Spanish Still Ignore Barbossa 
28.Mutiny Meeting 
30.Blackbeard’s Entrance-Mutineers Hang V1 
31.Blackbeard’s Entrance-Mutineers Hang V2 
32.Upside Down Jack 
33.Fry The Cook 
34.Blackbeard’s Cabin V1 
35.Blackbeard’s Cabin V2 
36.Blackbeards Cabin V3 
37.Barbossa Having Tea ‘Alt Fix’ 
38.Barbossa Having Tea 
39.Barbossa Rallies The Crew 
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The Dance-Bottle Room-Voodoo Doll V1 
2.The Dance-Bottle Room-Voodoo Doll V2 
3.Mermaid Hunt ‘Insert’ 
4.Mermaid Hunt-Mermaid Tale V1 
5.Mermaid Hunt-Mermaid Tale V2 
6.Mermaids Appear-Mermaids Attack 
7.The Beach-To The Fountain-Jungle Trek V1 
8.The Beach-To The Fountain-Jungle Trek V2 
9.Syreena Needs Air 
10.The Cliff Sting V1 
11.The Cliff Sting V2 
12.The Cliff ‘Insert’ 
13.The Cliff Alt 
14.The Cliff 
15.Jack Jumps V2 
16.Jack Jumps 
17.Naming Syrena ‘Insert’ 
18.Shirtless: Naming SyrenaPonthz De Leon 
19.Dont Touch The Map 
21.Mermaid Pools 
22.Mermaids Are Tough V1 
23.Mermaids Are Tough V2 
24.Spanish Camp 
25.Mermaid’s Tears V2 
26.Mermaids Tears V1 
# Track   Duration
1.Palm Tree Grove 
2.Jazz Hands ‘Alt Insert’ 
3.Jazz Hands 
4.Is That It V2 
5.Is That It V3 
6.Is That It 
7.Water Drop V2 
8.Water Drop V3 
9.Aqua De Vida 
10.The Faceoff V2 
11.The Faceoff 
12.Battle For The Fountain of Youth Pt1 V3 ‘Insert’ 
13.Battle For The Fountain of Youth Pt1 V3 
14.Battle For The Fountain of Youth Pt2 V1 
15.Battle For The Fountain of Youth Pt2 V2 
16.Philip Returns To Syrena 
17.The Battle Continues V2 
18.The Battle Continues 
19.Spanish Arrive ‘Alt’ 
20.Spanish Arrive 
21.Angelica Cut 
22.Blackbeard’s Demise 
23.Blackbeard’s Demise ‘Alt Insert’ V2 
24.Blackbeard’s Demise ‘Alt Insert’ 
25.Blackbeard’s Demise 
26.Syrena Saves Philip V1 
27.Syrena Saves Philip V2 
28.Syrena Saves Philip V3 
29.Syrena Saves Philip V4 
30.One Pistol, One Shot 
31.Jack Leaves Angelica V1 
32.Jack Leaves Angelica 
33.Make Way For Tortuga ALT 
34.Jack & Gibbs ‘Ending’ 
35.Jack & Gibbs Alt Insert’ 
36.Jack & Gibbs V1 
37.Jack & Gibbs V2 
38.Jack & Gibbs V3 
39.End Credits 
40.Voodoo Doll ‘Alt 
41.Voodoo Doll 
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