Colosseum 03/20/2012 CD (4005939714123)
Varèse Sarabande 05/06/2016 Download
Varèse Sarabande 03/20/2012 CD (0030206714128)

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# Track   Duration
1.A Place Calling Itself Rome1:25
2.Citizens March1:37
3.You Fragments0:57
4.Souls Of Geese4:04
5.Make You A Sword Of Me2:57
6.We Hate Alike1:09
7.And Then Men Die1:00
9.The Deeds Of Coriolanus4:05
10.My Masters1:16
11.Penalty Of Death2:38
12.There Is A World Elsewhere0:56
13.Starve With Feeding3:34
14.What Is Thy Name1:44
16.Milk In A Male Tiger1:30
17.Some Other Deity1:34
18.Oh Mother1:07
19.Cut Me To Pieces1:24
20.Sta Pervolia3:25
# Track   Duration
1.A Place Calling Itself Rome1:40
2.You Fragments1:14
3.Souls Of Geese4:07
4.Make You A Sword Of Me2:58
5.We Hate Alike1:18
6.And Then Men Die0:59
7.The Deeds Of Coriolanus4:23
8.Penalty Of Death2:57
9.There Is A World Elsewhere2:33
10.Starve With Feeding3:47
11.What Is Thy Name2:02
12.Milk In A Male Tiger3:16
13.Some Other Deity1:35
14.Oh Mother1:44
15.Cut Me To Pieces1:37
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Coriolanus - 04/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at

This two disc set I am sure will be popular amongst fans of the actual movie and also followers of the composer Eshkeri. Disc one is just music from the soundtrack and disc two is dialogue and music from the movie. To be fair I think that in a film such as this the composer is a little limited as to what he can actually write, I am not sure but I do not think that there is much room for the composer to go all lush and romantic in this particular case, so the score as provided here is I suppose pretty fair. I did find it a little repetitive and also a soundtrack that is dominated by loud and harsh sounding percussion. This percussion is to be honest to harsh for this listener and the score overall contains very little that one can actually sit and listen to without having palpitations or maybe reaching for the skip button on the CD player. This however does not mean in any way that Eshkeri is not a talented and highly original film music composer, he has proved this in the past on previous assignments. CORIOLANUS is for me to brash and un melodic and after the first listen I was a little apprehensive about hearing it again. The percussion flourishes boom out making the nerves jangle and the ears reverberate and I could not help but compare some of the tracks to the big booming percussion in the captain scarlet series, sorry but this is not one for me not a pleasurable listening experience at all. But the music is obviously in keeping with the movie and that after all is what movie music is all about, enhancing images creating atmospheres and supporting action on screen, not making a hit album.




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