The Wild Wild West
Music From The Television Series

La-La Land Records 07/20/2017 CD - 1000 copies (826924142523)

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title, Season One (Richard Markowitz)0:52
The Night of the Inferno (Richard Markowitz)
2.Special Prisoner / Guerillas Beware1:58
3.Dressing for Action2:18
4.West Rides In / Quemada / Versatile Race2:22
5.Palais de Chance / Lydia's No Slouch1:33
6.To the Cemetery / Very Dead Colonel1:33
7.Even Wilder West / Light the Fuse1:53
8.Meanwhile Back at the Train / Signal Light / Loaded Pool Game / Wing Fat's Demise2:46
9.Celebration / Poor Friend Sam0:51
10.End Title, Pilot, unused1:03
11.Main Title, Pilot0:54
The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth (Robert Drasnin)
12.Dr. Nielsen's Fading Rating1:51
13.Sweet Greta / The Cross-Bow Incident1:25
14.Lower Westphalian Dance Suite1:00
15.A Kiss for the Cause / Iron Maidenform2:07
16.How the West Was One / How the West Was Two4:07
17.The Clock Tower / Goodbye Greta2:26
The Night of the Puppeteer (Dave Grusin)
18.Puppeteer Titles / Intentional Clues / Three of a Kind2:18
19.Vivid's Waltz3:10
20.Contest / Death1:11
21.Sentence / Mr. Skull / Discovery: The Same Bag3:20
The Night of Sudden Death (Richard Markowitz)
22.Gas Attack1:48
23.Prussic Acid / Water Ballet1:39
24.Artemus Recaptured1:09
25.Exotic Torture / Skin-clad Payoff1:31
The Night of the Deadly Bed (Robert Drasnin)
26.Dagger Lily2:06
27.Monster Train / West Racked Up2:34
28.La Noche2:04
29.Showdown / Aftermath2:27
The Night of a Thousand Eyes (Richard Markowitz)
30.Phony Clock Tower / Fate of the Delta Belle1:45
31.Fait les jeux / Rien va plus2:23
32.Vild Vild Vest / Job for Jennifer2:05
33.Lock-Pick Sick / Coffin's Capers Crumble3:05
The Night of the Burning Diamond (Richard Shores)
34.Return the Diamond2:18
35.Old Fool1:16
36.Reactions / Strange Time / Cornered5:52
# Track   Duration
1.End Title, Season One (extended) (Richard Markowitz)1:06
The Night the Dragon Screamed (Harry Geller)
2.Episode Title / The Wall2:20
3.Bad Guys / The Knife2:28
5.Real Princess / Ching Ling's Destiny4:12
The Night of the Glowing Corpse (Richard Markowitz)
6.Greenhouse Lab / Crazy Castle3:12
7.Glow Corpse Glow3:57
8.Bathing in Lye3:00
The Night of the Casual Killer (Robert Drasnin)
9.Three Riders / Instant Death2:00
10.Lori's Kiss / Sardonic Tonic1:25
11.Cave Walk1:14
12.Fire Fight / Ventriloquist / Last Jolt3:31
The Night That Terror Stalked the Town (Richard Markowitz)
13.West Gets a Charge1:27
14.A Way with a Woman / Hemostat Scalpel3:27
15.A Phony West / Execution: Sundown2:41
16.Artie's Bit3:01
17.Double Kiss / Whom Fights Whom3:26
18.Main Title, Season Two (Richard Markowitz)0:52
The Night of the Eccentrics (Richard Shores)
19.Gargoyle / Nothing Except Die / Small Wager2:51
20.Mighty Titan / The Crown2:43
21.Central Hall / Hangin' Around3:34
22.Juarez's Place / Your Servant1:50
The Night of the Golden Cobra (Richard Markowitz)
23.Maharajah's Palace / Cobra Bite1:06
24.Introducing Mr. Singh / Sideline Nut / Cell Mate Bait1:15
25.Harihar Sitar1:03
26.Artie's Incantation / Anyone for Polo1:57
27.Polo Mismatch / Oily Demise2:48
The Night of the Raven (Richard Markowitz)
28.Ghostly Street / Littlest Cowboy0:56
29.Indian Princess / A Game with West2:40
30.A Maiden Dreams / Little Man's Busy Day3:56
31.Cat's Paw / Raven's Flight1:22
# Track   Duration
The Night of the Bottomless Pit (Harry Geller)
1.Showcards (Richard Markowitz)0:34
2.Chain Gang2:35
3.Easy Artie / Escape3:57
4.Ready / Fire Ants / Kaut1:35
5.Iron Foot2:40
The Night of the Infernal Machine (Richard Markowitz)
7.Infernal Machine Talks / Suspicious Clock / Search for Zino2:13
8.The Judge's Speech / Clock Shop / Little Toy Bomb / The Judge's Streudel3:44
9.Dressing for Action2:07
10.Ah Mr. West / Party Pooper1:55
11.Statue of Liberty1:01
The Night of the Man-Eating House (Robert Drasnin)
12.Perchance to Dream2:21
13.Enter the House / Strange Happenings2:15
14.Unaware Pair / House Ghost / Portrait Weeps4:21
15.Restoration Tour / Her Room / Her Diary / Liston's Clay4:04
16.In Gardens Past / Hacienda Lights2:43
17.Nick o'Time / Day's End1:36
The Night of the Green Terror (Richard Markowitz)
18.Knight in Armor1:12
19.Little Green Terror / Leg of Mutton Stew1:36
20.Enter Robin Hood / Indian Wrestle1:47
21.Forest Lord2:36
22.Meany Mace / Robin's Balloon4:04
23.End Title, Season Two (Richard Markowitz)0:49
24.Main Title, Season Three (Richard Markowitz)0:52
The Night of the Firebrand (Richard Shores)
25.Run, West, Run / O'Reilley's Plan2:48
26.The Top / Pressure Point5:00
28.O'Reilley's Dream2:28
The Night of the Assassin - (Walter Scharf)
29.End of Kiss / Poking Around1:53
30.The Coffee Wagon2:42
31.Let's Go / Protection / Threesome2:09
# Track   Duration
1.Main Title, unused (Richard Markowitz)0:54
The Night of Jack O'Diamonds (Richard Markowitz)
2.Senorita's Smile / Real Hospitality / Stolen Horse2:43
3.Jack O'Diamonds / To Catch a Horsethief / Sordo Catches Up3:09
4.A Thing of Beauty / Imperialistas / What a Man Amigo3:28
5.Aye Gringos / One Man Army2:52
6.Sly Old Fox1:40
The Night of the Samurai (Jack Pleis)
7.Lotus Blossom / A Samurai's Finis / Hannibal's Here1:50
8.Hannibal's Parlor2:08
9.Torch Jugglers1:39
10.Portuguese Artie / Come and Get It / Madame Moustache3:21
11.The Sword / Gideon's Sword3:54
The Night of the Undead (Fred Steiner)
12.Drums / Zombie March1:18
13.Signal to Mariah1:20
14.Voodoo / The Grotto2:47
15.Voodoo Mansion / Decadent Mansion / Mansion Burns5:05
16.End Title, Season Three (Richard Markowitz)0:49
17.Main Title, Season Four (Richard Markowitz)0:52
The Night of the Big Blackmail (Richard Shores)
18.The Fencers1:20
20.Artie's Bag / Right Now / Hue & City5:22
21.Embassy Wall1:51
The Night of the Sedgwick Curse (Richard Shores)
22.Discovery / Steam Room3:05
23.Pictures / Gaslight2:24
24.Five Against One2:10
The Night of the Kraken (Richard Shores)
26.Waterfront / The Kraken3:16
27.Busy Saloon / Neptune2:49
29.End Title, Season Four (Richard Markowitz)0:49
Bonus Track
30.30. The Ballad of Jim West, vocal (Dimitri Tiomkin-Paul Francis Webster)2:07
31.The Ballad of Jim West, instrumental (Dimitri Tiomkin)0:53
32.The Wild Wild West theme, marching band arrangement (Richard Markowitz)2:14
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The Wild Wild West

La-La Land Records and CBS proudly announce the world-premiere release of THE WILD WILD WEST, a limited edition 4-CD box set, showcasing the original music scores from the classic 1965-1969 television series THE WILD WILD WEST, starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin.

La-La Land Records and CBS proudly announce the world-premiere release of THE WILD WILD WEST, a limited edition 4-CD box set, showcasing the original music scores from the classic 1965-1969 television series THE WILD WILD WEST, starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin.
Restored and remastered from studio elements, this deluxe limited edition release features some of the finest television music ever recorded. Never-before-released, the exhilarating scores presented here propelled the adventures of Special Agent Jim West and Artemus Gordon week after week and were composed by such renowned musical legends as Richard Markowitz, Robert Drasnin, Dave Grusin, Richard Shores, Harry Geller, Walter Scharf, Jack Pleis, Fred Steiner, and Dimitri Tiomkin (who wrote an original, unused theme!). Album producer Jon Burlingame takes you on a rip-roaring ride through this amazing compilation with his comprehensive liner notes – featured within a knockout 40-Page booklet.
This 4-CD set was produced for La-La Land Records by Jon Burlingame and mastered by Doug Schwartz from ½’’ and ¼’’ tape vault elements. Dave Grusin’s, Walter Scharf’s, and two of Richard Shores’ scores were restored from CBS stem elements by audio expert, Chris Malone. The pistol-packing art design is by Jim Titus. This very special release of music from TV’s most WILD western is limited to 1000 units, so report to President Grant immediately and get yours now!



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