Contemporary Warfare

Cezame 04/20/2017 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.State of EmergencyLucas Napoleone1:57
2.Combat PositionPhilippe Briand Gabriel Saban1:58
3.Rescue MissionPhilippe Briand Gabriel Saban2:12
4.Renewed HostilitiesBenot Cimb1:50
5.Cyber AttackSebastijian DUH1:48
6.Special ForceJulien Vega2:10
7.Psychological WarfarePhilippe Briand Gabriel Saban2:10
8.Combat TrainingSebastijian DUH2:12
9.Coalition TroopsBenot Cimb1:56
10.Smoldering FireEric Caissy2:00
11.Burned CitiesPhilippe Briand Gabriel Saban1:46
12.Killed in ActionLucas Napoleone2:12
13.Pulsed Energy ProjectileSebastijian DUH2:04
14.Approaching BattlePhilippe Briand Gabriel Saban2:28
15.Moving TargetBenot Cimb2:12
16.Invasion ForceJulien Vega2:02
17.Electromagnetic WeaponSebastijian DUH1:43
18.Reconnaissance SquadronJulien Vega2:05
19.Command CenterJulien Vega1:56
20.Ghosts of WarSebastijian DUH2:26
21.War OrphanLucas Napoleone2:04
22.Displaced PopulationChristophe Zurfluh2:27
23.Rubble of WarGgory Cotti Grco Casadesus1:51
24.Marching to HellGgory Cotti Grco Casadesus1:55
25.RadiationChristophe Zurfluh2:28
26.A Life in HellSebastijian DUH2:04
27.Devasted LandGgory Cotti Grco Casadesus1:56
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