Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Deluxe Edition

Varèse Sarabande Club 03/24/2017 CD - 2000 copies
Movie Film release: 1995

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Main Titles: Dark Territory2:38
2.Meet Casey Ryback**Previously unreleased0:40
3.Casey’s Family2:05
4.The Train Departs**Previously unreleased0:52
5.Compound Assault1:49
6.Casey and Sarah / Choppers Approach**Previously unreleased1:05
7.Mercs Take Over Train**Previously unreleased5:18
8.Access Codes† (Extended Version)†Contains previously unreleased material2:34
9.Out The Window / Bye Bye Thriller**Previously unreleased3:41
10.Ryback Startles Bobby / China Blues**Previously unreleased1:58
11.A Billion Dollars / Modem Time**Previously unreleased2:55
12.Dane Shoots Airliner**Previously unreleased2:25
13.Scramble Map1:05
14.Intruder Discovered† (Extended Version)†Contains previously unreleased material4:47
15.Misery**Previously unreleased0:41
16.Dead Not Dead1:48
17.Casey Off The Train**Previously unreleased6:55
18.Cliff Fight / Train Pulls Away2:14
19.Dane Starts Final Count††Contains previously unreleased material1:40
20.Casey Reboards Train††Contains previously unreleased material2:10
21.The Gates of Hell††Contains previously unreleased material2:47
22.Hostage Car Shootout**Previously unreleased4:03
23.Kitchen Fight**Previously unreleased3:53
24.Penn’s Wish4:20
25.Train Wreck**Previously unreleased1:36
26.Casey’s Farewell / After The Train Is Gone3:53
27.The Pleasures Of Love (Grieg McRitchie)*SOURCE MUSIC:2:13
28.Unused Plaisir d’Amor (Basil Poledouris)*SOURCE MUSIC:1:59
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Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

New Varese Club release

Next we have a major expansion of Basil Poledouris’ epic score for Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. This score comes from 1995 and Poledouris was turning out one classic score after another. He was one of the great composers of thrilling action music and could also write amazing themes. But the 90s were a time of 30-minute albums and the original Under Siege 2 release came in at just 28:00. With an expanded running time of 75:00, this new Deluxe Edition is an epic revelation.

Aboard a hijacked train in Colorado, there is only one man who can thwart a renegade techno-expert from destroying the Pentagon and Washington, D.C. Steven Seagal reprises the role of Casey Ryback, the mild-mannered cook and resourceful ex-Navy SEAL.

This time, the danger is on the rails instead of at sea, and the stakes are even higher.

1. Main Titles: Dark Territory (2:38)
2. Meet Casey Ryback* (:40)
3. Casey’s Family (2:05)
4. The Train Departs* (:52)
5. Compound Assault (1:49)
6. Casey and Sarah / Choppers Approach* (1:05)
7. Mercs Take Over Train* (5:18)
8. Access Codes† (Extended Version) (2:34)
9. Out The Window / Bye Bye Thriller* (3:41)
10. Ryback Startles Bobby / China Blues* (1:58)
11. A Billion Dollars / Modem Time* (2:55)
12. Dane Shoots Airliner* (2:25)
13. Scramble Map (1:05)
14. Intruder Discovered† (Extended Version) (4:47)
15. Misery* (:41)
16. Dead Not Dead (1:48)
17. Casey Off The Train* (6:55)
18. Cliff Fight / Train Pulls Away (2:14)
19. Dane Starts Final Count† (1:40)
20. Casey Reboards Train† (2:10)
21. The Gates of Hell† (2:47)
22. Hostage Car Shootout* (4:03)
23. Kitchen Fight* (3:53)
24. Penn’s Wish (4:20)
25. Train Wreck* (1:36)
26. Casey’s Farewell / After The Train Is Gone (3:53)


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